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Survey Shows In-Person Meetings Trump Technology. I’m Shocked.

I think anyone who travels regularly for business already knows this one, but it’s still nice to have it confirmed. A survey recently done by Embassy Suites shows that business travelers  think face time is important in maintaining strong client relationships, and in-person visits are far more effective than conference or video calls. Um, yeah.…

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Worst Travel Story. Ever.

This story is so bad I don’t want to read it again to edit it….. so here it is in its entirety. A horrible travel experience from one of my friends. <<shudder>> So I was flying home from Durham and was on the short portion (DFW to AUS) when they moved my seat at the…

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Professional in Sneakers

Although it’s been debated before, it is certainly possible to look professional in an active job. Pants with stretch, knit tops that move with you, and supportive flats can take you far. But some days, for some jobs, it is just impossible to wear anything besides some sort of sneakers. I will be having one…

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Cranberries in Tex-Mex? Huh.

I love Tex-Mex. Having lived in Texas my whole life, I was practically raised on it, and in fact had some sort of Tex-Mex three times this weekend. We make tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas on a regular basis for dinner, and consider it the ultimate comfort/hangover food. It is so tasty! There are all kinds…

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