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Second Blogiversary, Here Already!!

Hard to believe this blog has been around for two years already! Wow. This has been an incredibly fulfilling and wonderful experience.  The past year has seen so many exciting projects, including various guest posts for blogs I love and admire, writing regularly for Via-Her, being interviewed, mentioned, and quoted in some major places, and…

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What are you reading?

With a lot of travel coming up, I am looking for reading recommendations. My Kindle needs new books! In the past few months I have been reading a mix of things, from complete escapist fun to end of the world mystery to memoirs. A few things I would recommend: Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Love the…

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Fabulous Clutches

I’m feeling in a very “bag” mood today. And I started thinking. I love my L&S tote that I use for travel. It is the best travel bag I’ve ever owned. But it’s black, and while I appreciate its versatility, it’s nice to have a little “pop” once in a while. This is why I…

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Avoiding Jet Lag

One of the most common issues for a regular traveler is jet lag. It’s also one of the hardest to deal with if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Changing time zones can wreak havoc on your natural circadian rhythms, affecting your entire trip. I have been very lucky in that whenever I’ve traveled abroad,…

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