Great tee at Nordstrom

Last night, I headed to the mall to pick up a few things from Sephora for today’s trip. After I purchased the very cool Makeup Forever Aqua Cream, I just happened to wander through Nordstrom. They had a bunch of cute stuff , and some very interesting shoes. On the way out the door, a rack of sale tee shirts caught my eye. All it took was feeling how soft they were, and after a quick decision on color I had the tee in hand and was out the door.

This t-shirt from Bobeau is, simply, awesome. The front is double layer, which means it hangs well and doesn’t display every lump or bump on your tummy. It’s also incredibly soft. The length is one of my favorite things—it comes down to my hips, which is quite a feat with my long torso. The V-neck is flattering on large busted gals, but not even close to showing cleavage. In short, this is the perfect tee. And right now a bunch of colors are only $25!! I got the turquoise, of course, but will likely go back for the black and the white. I’m wearing it today for my trek to the East Coast, and couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, it seems to be unavailable online! Bummer. It’s worth a trip to Nordstrom if you are near one, because this tee is that great.

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