I’m helping, not judging. I promise!!

I am currently on a trip to a conference with some friends. As I picked up one of these ladies on the way out of town, she said, “I spent so much time packing for this. And then I repacked again. It’s so stressful traveling with the packing queen!” She opens the trunk of the Prius, eyes my small suitcase, and says, “See! You’re too good at packing and you’re going to judge me.”

Friends, I promise I am not judging. I just want to make your travel easier! Okay, maybe I judge just a little if you are annoying the security line. But for the very most part, I am not looking at your suitcase and thinking, I could have done that way better. And on this trip, I actually brought things that needed to be ironed, even though I haaaaate ironing. See, I’m not perfect!

(Although, when I went to take my shower today and saw all of the full size shampoo and conditioner bottles sitting in the bathtub, I thought…. well never mind.)


  1. I don’t own Travel size shampoo! Only travel size contact solution and hairspray. Thanks for not judging my packing :),

  2. i just feel bad for bad packers. the ones whose bags/suitcases are too heavy for them to even be able to lift. they can’t seem to find anything in there. everything explodes out of there and all over the hotel room floor even though it’s just a short weekend trip. my best friend is notorious for overpacking.

  3. My friend did that on our last trip the US. But it wasn’t just a full size bottle….it was a half empty full size bottle!!

  4. My hardest thing to pack is hair product. I have really curly hair that I NEED to put in several products for it to stay under control. Most of the time I end up checking my bag so I can bring my fav products or hating my hair for 4 days. Any suggestions?

  5. @Mary: Pick up some of the travel size refillable toiletry bottles at Target or the supermarket. You can decant your product into whatever type of container you want – squeeze bottle, mini-spray, tube, etc.

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