An Interesting Carry-On Suitcase

a red and silver luggage bagAnyone ever seen one of these? My mom found it in one of her magazines, and it looks so interesting. It is the Zuca Travel Pro Carry-On. The highlights: five removable packing pouches that stack like drawers, a TSA-compliant toiletry bag, and (seriously) a metal frame that doubles as a seat. Crazy! It doesn’t look like any conventional bag I’ve ever seen, and is actually kind of funny looking. I have never noticed one in an airport before. You can bet I’ll be looking now though…..several different colored purses

Another cool item featured: a travel wallet that fights hunger. The Essential Travel Clutch Wallet is specifically designed to to hold passports and maps, has six credit card slots, and four open compartments. Handmade in Cambodia, they say purchasing this item will fund “50 cups of food.” And it’s pretty! Everyone wins.

What do you think about the Zuca suitcase? Interesting? Cool? Too weird?


  1. I Have it and it’s problem is it is very small. Perfect for overnight trips but for longer trips, u have to be an expert packer and roll everything up

  2. I met a man in the MSP Delta Sky Club who had that carryon bag. He said it even fit in the overhead bins of some RJs (CR7/CR9/E175). He said he can fit almost a week’s worth of clothes (rolled up) plus running shoes. he said he’s been stopped by TSA thinking he was carrying medical equipment.

  3. I have never seen these at an airport, but my niece is an ice skater and these bags are very popular with the skating set.

  4. I bought one recently. It fits in the overhead compartment fine. It’s actually smaller than many of the hulking carry-ons people smuggle on these days but because it is shorter and more square, it looks odd. I did have a TSA agent ask me casually what sort of bag it was but he was curious rather than threatening an inspection.

    I like the packing cubes inside the bag. It allows you to pull out what you need without having to unpack your whole bag. I agree with one of the commenters above that it is better for a trip of 2-3 days. If you need to squeeze one week’s worth of stuff, you’re better off with a traditional bag. On the other hand, if you’re not an efficient packer, you probably can’t get a weeks worth of clothes in a traditional carry-on either.

  5. I’ve been using it for about a year now. It does take some getting used to (rolling your clothes, organizing into different packing cubes, etc.) but it’s been great for week long trips where you aren’t carrying an abundance of shoes, toiletries, and aren’t planning to bring back a lot. Another downside is with the narrow body, if you are running to a flight, it sometimes flips, but with a laptop on top, it keeps its center of gravity pretty low. My parents like it because it’s also strong enough to sit on, light, and fits in almost every overhead compartment. My final issue is that the handle on top can be hard to grab when you’ve overpacked (the packing cube presses against the bottom of the handle so it can be difficult to slip your hand through).

  6. I have one and love it! I’m a frequent (business) traveller and love good luggage. Not only does it fit in the overhead, it also fits under most seats quite comfortably. If you use the packing cubes you can fit a week’s worth of stuff quite easily especially if you carry a small laptop bag for laptop, ipod etc.

    But if you have money have a look at the Tripsound. It has what I’ve been missing on the Zuca, the front pouch with easy access to laptop and other stuff you need in-flight (and speakers):

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