Weird travel pic of the week

I stayed at a Hilton outside of Boston a couple of weeks ago. It was perfectly fine, although my “balcony” overlooked the indoor pool, and I didn’t have any natural light in my room. That was weird. But they must have gone through some recent remodeling. As I was walking through the underground parking garage, I saw a large section of spaces cordoned off. At first I thought they were speakers, then as I got closer I realized they were TVs. At least twenty, maybe thirty, of them, lined up very precisely, huge and bulky. It was so bizarre! Wonder what they will do with them…..

What in the world?

Readers, what is something weird you’ve seen on a trip?

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  1. Maybe they will go into some rockstar’s rooms prior to checking in? Throwing a TV out the window is cheaper than throwing out a plasma or LCD ; )

  2. As hotels upgrade from box TVs to flatscreens, it does generate pictures like this one (but I’m sure how this happened). As we did this in our house, we donated the old TVs to people that didn’t have any. I hope the hotels do the same.

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