Travel Etiquette Tip: Don’t stop in the middle of the jetbridge

This may be another one of those things that, like grabbing the seat in front of you, if you don’t fly often you don’t think about it. But after almost every flight I’ve taken over the last few weeks, someone has stopped abruptly, right in front of me, in the middle of the jetbridge (or the space right outside of it).  Maybe people are trying so hard to get off the plane that they don’t arrange their belongings in a comfortable way, and they need to stop and fix them? Or they want to get their phone/keys/wallet/etc. out of their bag? Regardless of the reason, it can cause a logjam, or even someone to run into you. I came this close to running into someone who stopped right in the middle of the path outside the jetbridge on Saturday.

This is true for the airport in general, and really any place where there is a hallway or walkway used by lots of people at a time. If you need to stop, glance around you and then move to the side without running into anyone. I actually treat it like driving–I look to my blind spot, then get out of the way. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, but please, move over to the side if you have to stop.


  1. I certainly agree with you. It’s quite annoying. Fortunately, I have a solution that comes in the form of additional etiquette, or edicts, whichever you prefer:

    Jet Bridge rule 14:
    “When traversing a jet bridge, put a polite distance between you and others so that in the event they stop abruptly, you do not find yourself in the impolite position of mounting a complete stranger.”

    Jet Bridge rule 15:
    “When traversing a jet bridge while maintaining proper separation (see 14), be aware and considerate of the traffic around you. If you are impolitely having a conversation, texting, closing your eyes, chewing gum or doing anything else that distracts you from the task of walking without colliding into others, abstain from that activity immediately. With proper execution of this and the prior rule, you should not find yourself in the uncomfortable position of coming this close to running into someone who stopped right in the middle of the path outside the jetbridge on Saturday.”

  2. This seems to be an incurable defect of humans. I have travelled throughout the U.S. and Europe and it happens everywhere (most often in airports, train stations, and subway stations) that people will stop and stand: in doorways, at the base of the escalator, at the exit of the elevator, at the end of the moving walkway, in or at the exit of the jetway, etc. How many times have I almost been thrown into someone by a moving escalator because they have stopped right there? I’ve lost count.

  3. @Chris: fantastic rules!

    @Grace: I absolutely agree and kind of find it amazing that people can be that oblivious to their surroundings/other people.

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