Poll: Do you print out your boarding pass ahead of time?

We all know that printing our boarding pass before we go to the airport can save us time, but how many of us actually do it? My home airport is typically not that busy, and since I have Platinum status with American, I can go to a special machine. When I fly Southwest, I always check in 24 hours ahead of time, but never print out the boarding pass. Since I know I will typically be able to do it quickly at the airport, plus I hate wasting paper and ink, it just isn’t worth it to me.

When returning home, though, it’s totally different. Most of the time I will try my best to print it out ahead of time, especially if I’m going to a bigger airport or one I’m completely unfamiliar with. There are still a few airports I use all the time, like Nashville or Oklahoma City, where I won’t worry about it. Finally, if I know I’m going to be cutting it really close time-wise I will print ahead of time.

So readers, what about you?

Do you print out your boarding pass ahead of time?

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  1. the one benefit I guess prior checkin allows is that if you are little late then they won’t give your seat to stand by passengers.

  2. It’s fine printing it out at home when I have the equipment (although I’m really not convinced that it saves any time) but the hassle when I’m on the road just isn’t worth it. So unless I’m on an airline which makes you fight for a seat, I don’t see the point.

  3. I am trying to do my corporate expense report, and today I called three airlines to get copies of past tickets and no problem until I got Mary Aoki from the St Lake office on the line with Delta. Not only was she rude she told me that in order to get a copy of a receipt from Delta I will need to pay $20 and I must write in, why? None of the other airlines has a fee and they each emailed the copies to me right away….this is beyond believe in today world of internet I am told to write a letter and mailed to them!!!!!!!! What is the charge??? CAN WE SAY RIP OFF, SHAME ON DELTA

  4. I often do, but just as often do not. Depends on if my printer at home is working and if I’m on the road, if I have access to one. Printing at the airport takes about 20 seconds so I’m just as likely to do it there.

    What is the special machine for PLT AA flyers? Aren’t the kiosks accessible to anyone?

  5. The last time I printed mine, they just threw it away & printed me a new one (Alaska @ LAX). So I’m not sure if I’ll bother again!

  6. Always check-in ahead of time, even if I don’t print my boarding pass. Then worst case if I’m running late they can’t print me one and I won’t miss the checkin deadline.

  7. I never do. My airport is so small that it’s never a problem and usually on the road, I am in a rush and don’t visit the business center to print them. Fortunately, I’ve never had a problem.

  8. After united’s computer meltdown fiasco a couple months ago, I do whatever I can to show up at the airport with my bp. Maybe it’s fighting the last war, but a printed boarding pass was the difference between getting at the lounge and getting stuck in an overcrowded lobby. I use my smartphone where I can but still have the printed bp in my bag.

  9. Always print out at home becuase if I don’t get upgraded I will have the Have one on us coupon for a free drink for my troubles!

  10. I am using my iPhone to check-in and get the boarding pass – there is an app for that 🙂 – but lately the agents have been touching my iPhone a lot which I don’t like it so perhaps I’ll go back to printing the boarding pass.

  11. I always check in and almost always print out my boarding pass. Yesterday for the first time I decided to use my smartphone, save paper like Continetal states on their website. I got to the front of the line at LaGuardia and was informed that their scanner was broken. I had to go wait in line to print my boarding pass and then go back through security. Thank goodness I had the time to do that this trip. I am definitely going back to printing my boarding pass!

  12. For all my domestic flights to and from London I check in online using my iPhone or print my boarding pass depending on the airline.

    For long haul flights I normally select my seats online but print my BP at the airport.

  13. Always check in, usually print pass.

    Not only an issue if you are late, but also if flight is oversold, you are less likely to get involuntary bump.

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