Quick Packing Tip: Use a sachet for freshness

For those of us who travel all of the time, our suitcases don’t always get a chance to air out. Between dirty clothes, dirty airplanes, dirty streets, and dirty airports, there are a lot of chances for our bags to get a little….not-so-fresh smelling. Luckily, there are several ways to avoid this. One is to get a second suitcase, and alternate for each trip. This is not ideal, however, due to the chance that important items will be forgotten when switching back and forth, not to mention the additional cost. An easier way to maintain a bit of freshness with your luggage is to use a sachet. Yes, the same kind of thing you use in your delicates drawer. Just drop one in, and your rollaboard will remind you more of a spring day and less of a locker room. I prefer lavender, but there are tons of scents out there. You can get them pretty inexpensively just about anywhere, from Target to Amazon to Etsy. (I love these simple yet pretty ones from Homemaker Accents on Etsy). If you feel that a sachet is too girly, or just not your style, a drier sheet also does the trick. It’s so easy to keep your suitcase smelling fresh!

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