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What type of pillow?

Yesterday, you guys gave me some really great advice. I will be calling my hotel in Manila to check on their status tonight. For now, though, I’m moving forward on the assumption that I will be going. My question today is pillows. On this trip, instead of having a day to recover before my meetings…

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Weather and travel

In my business traveling time, I have been to places during floods, blizzards, and torrential rain. I’ve dealt with record lows and highs. I’ve also been lucky enough to have beautiful weather a lot of the time. In fact, I am pretty sure I’ve never canceled a trip due to weather concerns. But I’m having…

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Quick Travel Tip: Check In Early!!

Sunday night, my best friend was flying home from Chicago. She and her boyfriend were on the last flight home, as they wanted to enjoy every minute of their weekend getaway. Everything was going great until they got to the airport. They were so busy with a wedding, seeing friends, and visiting favorite places that…

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