Quick Toiletry Packing Tip: Q-Tips as Makeup

a package of cotton swabsFor some reason, I’m always surprised when I learn a new toiletry packing tip. I guess I think I’ve heard so many there cna’t possibly be any more! But they just keep coming. In the past, we’ve talked about using contact lens cases for small amounts of creams and liquids and soaking cotton balls with makeup remover. Here is one more genius space saving tip from Real Simple. Dip a q-tip into your eye shadow and put it in a plastic bag, saving even more room in your makeup bag. They suggest doing this to several q-tips, with concealer or lipstick as well, and keeping them all together. I don’t actually think that would work, as the various types and colors of makeup would rub off on each other. But certainly one q-tip can have a color on each side. This is a great idea for people who don’t use more than two eyeshadow colors most days.

It makes me wonder what great toiletry packing tips are around the corner. You can never save too much space!


  1. My wife will love this comment. Just FYI, In both London and in Utrecht (NL), no one at the drug stores had heard of Q-tips. I realized I forgot to pack mine and tried the Boots at LHR but got a blank look, so tried the one at the train station at Utrecht. I wound up asking the young woman waiting on me what she uses to remove stray bits of nail polish and she took me right to them. Label said, “Ear Buds”.

  2. Q-tips are a true life savers, you can apply eye shadows, you can make corrections on your make up, they are save to bring aboard on the plane when you travel, so if something from your make up smudges you can fix it fast. I am moving in two months and this is the first thing I will pack when preparing my personal bag!

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