National security issue? Or just two people gettin’ it on?

Okay, this is hilarious. Going back to my friends’ story a few weeks ago about fellow passengers joining the mile high club….. I was sent this fabulous article from reader Sylvia. Apparently another couple tried for the same thing, but it got turned into a much bigger deal…..

From Jezebel:

The tenth anniversary of 9/11 was an unwise day for an in-flight romantic adventure, as a couple learned. After their frequent trips to the bathroom raised suspicions on a Frontier Airlines flight, the FBI was called to investigate suspicious behavior and two fighter jets took to the skies to monitor the plane. Law enforcement sources told ABC News that the actual reason for the bathroom visits was “making out.”

It does make you wonder–going to the lav frequently makes you look suspicious? What if you just drank a lot of water? Or you’re sick? Or something else? Anyway, the next time you think about joining this particular club, just remember that you could end your day in police custody.


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