What are you listening to right now?

I am getting ready for the ACL Music Festival in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait.   Although there are a lot of great bands coming this year, I am looking forward to Stevie Wonder the most. I am also super excited about Ray LaMontagne (he’s so great!), Fleet Foxes, the Cold War Kids, Fitz and the Tantrums, Elbow, TV on the Radio, and, of course, Arcade Fire. In preparation, I’ve been listening to a lot of music. My current playlist is as follows:

  1. All Stevie Wonder–he’s had so many hits, I can’t pick just a few favorites.
  2. Ray LaMontagne–Gossip in the Grain (mostly Meg White, Sarah, and You Are the Best Thing)
  3. Fleet Foxes–Fleet Foxes and Helplessness Blues (I can’t help it, they’re just all so pretty. I think my favorite is Ragged Wood, although I also really like Helplessness Blues)
  4. Cold War Kids–I could listen to Hang Me Out to Dry every day, and the video is awesome
  5. Fitz and the Tantrums–Don’t Gotta Work It Out–a freaking great song
  6. Elbow–my cousin just turned me onto this British band. So far Starlings is my favorite.
  7. TV on the Radio–I like everything I’ve ever heard by them, but On a Train is what I listen to the most right now
  8. Arcade Fire–I love, love The Suburbs. It’s just so beautiful.

If you want to listen to any of the bands I mentioned, or any other bands appearing at ACL this year, just go to the ACL schedule. There are songs by all the bands playing.

So, Readers, what are you listening to right now? Anyone been to any music festivals this year?



  1. throw some young the giant into your mix. they’ve been keeping my summer bearable. and i loved arcade fire when i first heard them at ACL 2005. have a great time!!! there are some really good bands this year.

  2. Oh I’m so jealous!!! I went to ACL in ’05, ’06, ’08, and ’10, traveling all the way from Ohio each time (yeah, it’s worth it). Elbow is one of my favorite all-time bands and one of the best bands in the world!! Listen to some of their older stuff too–they are phenomenal, and put on an incredible live show. You’re very lucky to be able to see them–they rarely play in the U.S. If you’re into electronic music, Pretty Lights is going to blow a lot people’s minds. He’s electro, but heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and Zeppelin. His shows are incredible. I wouldn’t miss Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.–they’re really blowing up. Gomez is pretty great too. Fleet Foxes are going to give you goosebumps once they kick into those harmonies. Awesome lineup, all around.

  3. And Terri’s right, that Arcade Fire show at ACL ’05 in 110 degree heat was one of the most incredible, memorable, and intense live shows I’ve ever witnessed.

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