TSA Pie-Laws

a pie with a fork on a green plateThis year for Thanksgiving, my mother’s entire family is going to her house for dinner. This amounts to about thirty people, including my immediate family, plus my grandmother, uncles, aunts, cousins and their kids. Because there are so many people, everyone is bringing something for the meal so no one person is responsible for feeding all of those people. My mom is super brave, regardless, to invite all of those people to eat and figure out the logistics for feeding a horde. Emails have been flying back and forth for over a week, deciding on the menu and who is bringing what. One of my cousins who is flying in on Thursday morning was planning to bring a pie. What kind? I don’t know, and may never know, because last night she called and said TSA wouldn’t allow pies so she was going to bring brownies.

Now, you may not know this about me, but I love pie. Love. It. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays simply because of the expected pie abundance. Pumpkin, pecan, cherry, peach, apple, lemon, chocolate, buttermilk chess (yummmmmm), I love them all. Including my cousin’s pie, there were going to be four pies that I knew about, which was super exciting. But the TSA wanted to ruin all that and take our pie numbers down to 3? That means with 30 people, 10 people have to  split one pie? If we had four pies, that means we would have less than 8 people per pie, which is a much more preferable ratio. This sounds like a Thanksgiving tragedy in the making! Okay maybe not tragedy. But still. Brownies are good, but you can have those any time! I want my pie!!

Thinking of the TSA we all know, forbidding pies didn’t seem like much of a stretch. They don’t allow almond butter or hummus, and I guess a pumpkin pie was liquid at one time, so why should they let that through? Trying to figure out their reasoning made my brain hurt, so I just went to the TSA blog, where I got a surprise. According to the TSA blog, pies are allowed through airport security!!

“Pies are permitted, but they are subject to additional screening if our officers see any anomalies. (Additional screening of pies does not include our officers tasting the pie, no matter what they tell you…)”

Wow! Pies and a sense of humor! It’s like TSA had a personality transplant. I am calling my cousin today and telling her to make that pie! We shall see if they actually let it through….. Just don’t show up at the airport with your Jello mold. Unless it’s set, of course 😉


  1. Your cousin may never forgive you for outing her perfectly planned excuse. Great nefarious scheme – blame the TSA! I wouldn’t want to schlepp a pie on a plane either! 😉

  2. that post is full of turkey jokes too! 😛 they slipped them in every few lines. My favorite: “Deep Turkey Thoughts: When deceased turkeys are offended, do they roll over in their gravy?” lol…

  3. I took an apple pie through airport security in May. Maybe TSA only regulates pies during the month of November.

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