Travel Tip: Don’t wear new clothes for the first time on a trip!

a person's legs wearing tightsFor Blog World, I planned my outfits for weeks. I even went on a special shopping trip to get brown tights to go with my dress. Once I had those tights I felt confident that I was ready to go, with my wardrobe figured out. On the first day of Blog World, I got ready, including my tights. As I was walking to the shuttle, something started to feel “off” on my back, but I couldn’t figure out what. As the day went on, it got worse and worse, until I was scratching furiously at my back every chance I got. Finally at lunch I ran off to the ladies’ room, and discovered my new adorable brown cabled tights had a tag, and that tag was irritating the crap out of me. I thought about ripping it off, but was worried I would rip a hole in my tights. Of course I didn’t have any scissors on me. So I just took of my tights and was cold when I went outside to wait for the shuttle. (Pictured: Not the tights I wore, but adorable argyle tights from Target)

This just proved to me, once again, that while it is tempting to get new clothes for a trip, business or fun, it is just not a good idea to wear things for the first time while traveling. What if my dress had been short and I hadn’t been comfortable taking off my tights? What if it were a sweater that made me break out in a rash? Can’t remove that, can you!! Shoes are the worst. I never recommend anyone wear shoes for the very first time on a trip, because if they kill your feet you can’t do anything about it but limp. If you don’t have a lot of time, wear your new item around your house for a while, but even that isn’t ideal. Best thing to do is wear your new item out of the house for an hour or two, to see how it does. Anything awful can be returned, and anything that is fixable can be fixed. Trust me, you don’t want to get caught out with a wardrobe malfunction!!


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  1. I feel your pain. i thought it was a good time to finally start wearing high heels and i didn’t have any backup shoes. that was a mistake!

  2. I did a very similar thing recently. Went on a shopping excursion before traveling for work, and bought a lovely new sweater. Day three of the trip when I went to put on my sweater … I found that the store had left the security tag on it. So I walked around much of the day with a beautiful cobalt blue sweater, with a large white store security tag on the side as my fashionable accessory.

  3. I wore my brand new jeans on the plane and ended up with blue hands and forearms. I should have washed them first.

  4. I actually travel every week so I have to plan a bit differently: if I buy anything new it will get worn while traveling! I usually keep a back up outfit in my suitcase. My trips are only 4 days in length so I have enough room to do this. It then allows two things – back up outfit if something new is not working and a just in case I wake up and have no desire to wear what I had planned for the day…

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