How to Make a Woman REALLY Unhappy

Dear Hilton Garden Inn,

You know normally I love you. But my experience a few weeks ago was not that awesome, and I want to give you some constructive feedback.

I was staying at the location near the Raleigh airport. Initially, everything was great. The property is lovely, surrounded by trees (with fall colored-leaves! We don’t have those in Texas). The room was very comfortable, with a couch and a high-quality desk chair. All of the employees were very kind and gracious. So far so good, right? I worked for several hours after check in, went to dinner, came home, worked some more, got ready for bed, and realized….. my time of the month had started a few days early. Normally I am very prepared for this sort of thing, but with all the traveling I did in October and November my emergency stores were completely depleted. No problem! I thought. I will head down to the little store on the first floor and pick some up. The little store had everything I could imagine—every type of medication, contact cases, nail files, nail clippers, tweezers, etc. But you know what they did NOT have? Feminine supplies. Not one. Not one measly little two-pack case of tampons or single pad. Thinking I must surely be mistaken, I crouched down and looked behind the packets of tissues and band-aids. Nothing. Finally, I went and found someone to ask. The poor kid (who was maybe 19) was apologetic, and embarrassed, but told me no, they didn’t have any.

At this point, I was extremely frustrated. Partially with myself (why didn’t I remember to put more tampons in my bag??), and some of it was probably hormonal. But I was highly irritated that I had to go up to my room, get my keys and purse, and go find a convenience store. It just baffles me that a hotel store that is well equipped enough to have nail clippers and tweezers did not have feminine supplies. Hotel chains talk a good game about appealing to female business travelers, but all of the women-only floors and yoga mats seem inconsequential when you don’t have this basic necessity.

Thank you for your time,

Road Warriorette

(Sorry, male readers!)


  1. LOL! Well said!

    Also, I’m in the RDU area! I’d be happy to deliver stuff like that to you if you’re in need. 😛

    (uh, its orangefelt, so this sounds less creepy!)

  2. Good for you for posting this. Having had to go hunting for supplies for my wife in August in London because the Hilton at which we were staying at none for purchase, I am very sympathetic.

  3. No one else to blame but yourself, why should a business stock everything you MIGHT need, is it their problem they are out of stock NO!¬ its yours. Stop bitching and get some hormone therapy

  4. speaking of “basic necessity” why wouldn’t YOU pack this???

    your rant is quite childish and silly

    should they stock your blood pressure medicine too?

  5. yeah, this one comes across as whining… if this was the worse thing that happened to you that day, i’d say you had a pretty good day!

  6. As a woman, I completely empathize with you. For the men who have commented negatively, be grateful this is something you don’t need to worry about. And it isn’t absurd to expect the hotel store to have a stock of feminine products. While I always try to prepare for every contingency, if I forgot something like this I’d assume it wouldn’t be a problem to get them at the hotel.

    And men, until you have to deal with this issue, you’re the ones who need to stop your bitching.

  7. I did not read this as a whine, more a statement about proper inventory. I was once in a similar situation on a cruise, and the ship’s gift shop certainly had adequate supplies. As someone else commented about another similar experience at the London Hilton, it seems a valid point the hotel needs to address.

  8. An inventory issue for sure.

    As a male in Vegas, if the hotel is out of rubbers you best believe I’ll be making a similar post.

  9. not necessarily a comment, just kind of a just wondered….. did you check the “public” ladies restroom in the hotel lobby for the customary dispenser…?

  10. BTDT so I can empathise!

    The Renaissance ORD is a nice hotel but their little store didn’t stock a single tampon.

    Problem is, it’s an airport hotel on a highway with no drug store w/i walking distance. Luckily, the hotel employee I asked gave me one from her purse. She was as surprised as I was they weren’t’t stocked & planned to mention it to her boss.

    If hotels can stock extra toothpaste for those who forgot, they can stock a tampon or two. For you naysayers, truth is it would benefit the hotel by cutting down on the extra housekeeping costs required by the lack of such (often unanticipated) necessity.

  11. Sorry for you! I stayed at Hilton Garden Inn, El Segundo, CA (LAX) this month, and the curtains don’t close AT ALL. I was psychotic from traveling and wanted to spray paint a message across their flimsy curtains. Okay, I’d never do that, but really? Of course I forgot my eye covers, so got NO SLEEP. Hate it there.

  12. I was just at a Hilton Garden Inn and checked and they did have them – so it may be management at that hotel – and I am sorry that happened – trust me traveling 50 weeks out of the year you will forget something at some point and if it’s late you just want something to hold you over until you can get to a drug store – my sympathies – I have this year forgotten a wallet once (that was a mad dash back to the house) and a suitcase another time –

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