Cute Shoes and Snow

This weekend, I head to Chicago for my sister’s baby shower. I am of course looking forward to seeing both sisters, and the shower should be a blast. However, I’m a little concerned about what to wear. The outfit itself shouldn’t be a problem—I’ll probably wear a dress with tights, a sweater, and a coat. No problem. What I’m worried about is the shoes! Today it snowed 8 inches, and it’s supposed to snow even more before the shower on Sunday. I have some cute boots, but my cutest ones are not weatherproof. So what’s a girl to do?

Turns out the best thing to do wear the waterproof but less cute boots during transit, and change into cute shoes once we arrive at the restaurant for the shower. Genius! And simple! Bring the cute shoes in a tote bag, then change and put the boots in the bag for the duration of the event. That way I don’t have to worry about messing up my nice flats with salt and snow and other gross stuff, but can still have a cute outfit. Win!

Of course, this strategy works well with work too. Just make sure your tote is reasonably professional looking, and no one will look twice!

Readers, what are your tricks for dealing with snow and still looking professional?


  1. my chicago co-workers always laughed at me when i traveled during the winter wearing my converse. they were the only rubber soled shoes i owned! at least i owned a real wool coat that kept me sufficiently warm. 🙂

  2. One should make a difference between snow and slush.

    If it’s above zero, the snow will turn into waterish stuff. Likewise if roads are salted or otherwise chemically processed, snow will turn into water (most are ineffective if it’s cold).

    If it’s well below freezing, snow itself isn’t wet. You can just wipe it off from ordinary shoes when you go inside.

  3. Second Cindy H on waterproof boots. I have a pair of La Canadienne boots ( which are a couple years old and fantastic. I wore them on business trips in Switzerland, Boston, Vancouver during winter and was super toasty. They’re also my go-to rain boots for work since I live in CA.

    I find the heels to be very comfortable to walk in (did multiple 20-30 min walks to/from restaurants, on snow) plus the leather is great quality and the soles are very sturdy. They’re really easy to dress up and down. Well worth the investment IMO.

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