Ah, Hollywood

There are about five movies (or sets of movies) that I would watch, any time. Intellectually I know that these are not the best movies of all time, but they are so highly entertaining that I can view them over and over and never get tired of them. Any time USA or TNT or one of the other cable channels is showing one, I will leave it on that channel. Even if I’m not actively watching it, I will enjoy it while I’m, say, folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Writing my list down, I’m realizing there is a theme….. Here are my top five:

1)      The Princess Bride. Best dialogue ever. My Number One movie of all time.

2)      The Mummy, The Mummy 2. Don’t judge, please. Brendan Frasier is a hot, smart, tough action hero who loves his girl. Rachel Weiss is gutsy and clever. What’s not to love? (The Mummy 3 was terrible. Terrible. Made me very sad.)

3)      Independence Day. Will Smith. Enough said.

4)      The Bourne Trilogy. Matt Damon is the baddest action hero around, IMO. And the car chases are so awesome they hurt my brain.

5)      True Lies. Hysterical plot, great special effects, bad guys get it in the end. And Jamie Lee Curtis doing a strip-tease.

At Blog World, I stayed in the Westin Bonaventure in downtown LA. It was my first time in LA, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But imagine how excited I was when I saw this plaque on the elevator leading to my room:

In case you can’t read it, it says, “This is one of two elevators used in filming “TRUE LIES” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. September 1993.” Staying in the hotel where part of one of my top five movies was shot? Yes!!!

Readers, what are your top five movies? What kind of super cool things have you seen while traveling?


  1. Ready your post and thought “ooooh, The Princess Bride”!

    I’d say Spaceballs, The Game, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Crow and Snatch.

  2. Below are my top 5 and reaons why:

    1. Braveheart – Scotland and Freedom a few of my favorite things

    2. Fight Club – but I do like single serving friends

    3. Dumb and Dumber – always makes me think of going on a road trip

    4. Saving Private Ryan – France, comraderie, and history

    5. March of the Penguins – a great documentary about a very unique travel destination

  3. The part of Ocean’s 11 where they steal the electromagnet was filmed at a neuroscience lab (not a physics lab) across the way from where I did my undergraduate research.

  4. I’m not sure that these are my five favorites, but no matter my mood, if I’m in a hotel room and flipping through the channels, I’ll stop for any one of these:

    1. Kingpin

    2. Young Frankenstein

    3. Shawshank Redemption

    4. Just like you, any of the The Bourne Trilogy films

    5. Any John Hughes movie.

  5. Top 5-ish favorite movies:

    1. The Princess Bride
    2. Singin’ in the Rain
    3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    5. Any Pixar or Disney animated film

    Top 5-ish movies I’ve never seen, but want to!:

    1. The King’s Speech
    2. The last few Harry Potter movies
    3. Shawshank Redemption
    4. Saving Private Ryan
    5. Inception

  6. 1. The Godfather, Part I
    2. Anything with Cary Grant in it
    3. Star Wars (4-6, and the originals, not the digitally remastered ones)
    4. Shawshank Redemption
    5. The Bourne Trilogy (Eye candy + Action = YAY!)

    (Number 1 on my list switches depending on my mood…)

    My favorite “Hollywood” Place to go is the exclusive little cemetery called Hollywood Forever Cemetery. A little morbid, yes, but really kinda cool – LA Story, Hot Shots, and Charmed (the TV show) were all filmed there and it’s interesting to walk through a very large portion of cinema history.

  7. I love the movie “Baby Boom” and on a business trip I was walking up Park Avenue in Manhattan and realized that I was in front of JC Wyatt’s office building. I sat myself down for a moment on the spot where she sat after resigning from the consulting company. Wish I’d had a camera phone back in that day to capture the moment!

  8. 1. The Princess Bride. Adventure, romance, pirates, swordfighting, wrestling, revenge, a battle of wits, a fire swamp, and magic. Not to mention a great soundtrack by Mark Knopfler.

    2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    3. Saving Private Ryan – the best movie ever made

    4. The Godfather I and II

    5. Star Wars (the original from 1977)

  9. My five all-time faves are comedies:
    1. Airplane!
    2. Blazing Saddles
    3. Young Frankenstein
    4. Blues Brothers
    5. Dr. Strangelove

  10. The Bourne movies and True Lies are also on my list. Rocky Horror Picture Show is a favorite, too.

    I love the PBS Mystery Series, especially the Agatha Christy movies, so will DVR those and watch them over and over. Never erase.

    I also love James Bond movies. With anyone and everyone who portrayed James. Even the old ones that are so badly done you wonder how they became so popular.

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