JC Penney’s New Look and Feel

You may have seen the clever ads featuring the always funny Ellen Degeneres during the Oscars. You may have seen the conversations on Twitter and Facebook. Or you may have been to a store and experienced it yourself. JC Penney has a new look, a new feel, and a new pricing structure. And I for one think it’s great. The fine folks at JCP gave me a gift card so I could go check it out for myself, and I was very impressed.

My goal was to refresh my work wardrobe for spring. In my mind, that means bright, vibrant colors, but I’ve been let down the last few seasons by boring neutrals and washed out shades. Not this time! I could not have ordered up a better mix of bold, fabulous hues to inject some life into my winter black. Plus, their new “fair” pricing structure was so easy to work with.  I’m not usually good at math, but even I was able to add up all of my purchases as I went along. Finally, all of a woman in a green skirt and black shoesthe employees were so nice and genuinely happy to be there! It made shopping a real pleasure. I accomplished my goal of great spring work clothes, plus I found some very fun bonus items. Yay!

Here are my favorite finds:

My overall favorite, by far, is the fabulous Belted High-Waist Sateen Skirt by Worthington. The shape is fabulous, I love the pleat in the back, it’s available in several colors, and the price is definitely right. The green is my favorite, with the blue coming in a close second. I really like the way they have shown it in the photo, with black and white, but when I’m in a bright colors mood I will pair it with the yellow Belted Sweater below. (Worthington has a woman in a yellow jacketanother great pencil skirt available in several colors, but it was a tad too short for me. It’s still lovely though!)

Another find—the Belted Sweater Jacket, also from Worthington. It’s a great transition piece for a woman in a pink shirtmoving from winter to spring, and will work with skirts, slacks, and dresses. I love it with the green pencil skirt above, but it would also be lovely with gray slacks and a teal blouse underneath.

This Bisou Bisou blouse is unfortunately sold out online, but definitely still available in stores. It would a woman in a dressbe fabulous on its own, or under a cardigan or suit. Plus it just feels so nice!

Even though it’s not a bright color, I love this navy-polka dot dress from American Living. It’s adorable, comfortable, will travel well, and will go with any number of fun accessories. It’s a little low for work, so I’m going to either pin it or wear a navy cami underneath. I plan to top it with my Kelly green cardigan for a fun preppy look, and it would also go well with yellow, red, pink, or a blue and green flat shoepurple.

Of course, I had to spend a good amount of time in the shoe section. There are a ton of fun spring espadrilles and wedges (like this adorable a.n.a. MaryAnn wedge), as well as bright heels (like this gorgeous slingback sandal from Studio Paulo). But my first love in shoes will always be flats, and my favorites by far are these color block ballet a necklace with red and yellow beadsflats from Nine & Co. I love both versions, the blue/purple as well as the pink/orange. If you need a pair of neutral flats, a pretty gold-beige is also available.

Finally, I spent a lot of time in the jewelry/accessory section, and I will definitely be going back. It was hard to choose between the necklaces, earrings, and scarves….. but I finally narrowed down my favorite to this Mixit Multi-Color Bead necklace. The orange/hot pink/yellow combination will perk up any outfit!

I had so much fun visiting JC Penney, but there was so much to look at that I will have to go back! My local JC Penney is getting a Sephora right inside, which is super exciting to me (more Sephora locations=happy Road Warriorette). The easy pricing structure and fabulous selection (and the clever commercials—love that Ellen!) make the new JC Penney a big winner in my book.


  1. And now you also gotta tell me how does JC Penney come around in a travel related blog of yours? I mean there is 0 connection. another one for the hits, huh?

  2. @AA Actually, I write about clothes all the time. I write about business travel generally, and I get questions about what to wear on business trips all the time. So, I write about it! Plus writing about clothes (and looking at clothes, and planning outfits, etc) makes me happy!
    For example:

  3. Personally I do not like the new pricing. I have shopped at JcPenney for years and I appreciate it when they have sales and coupons. I think these prices seem higher and I haven’t purchased from them at all this year!!!

  4. Jcpenney is a discount store thinking they can be a Macy’s. The company long ago alienated the customers they’re now trying to win back. I give Jcpenney 20 years before they’re completely gone.

  5. I like the idea of not having to worry about coupons as long as the pricing is competitive. I’ve never been good at the coupon thing. It can get annoying. I think their strategy builds more trust for the consumer in my opinion.

  6. JCP has actually been building up a lot of great quality brands – they just haven’t done a great job advertising it to the right market. for example, they have an exclusive line of shoes by aldo and they have a line of clothing called MNG by mango. both are trendy, young brands that are meant to reach trendy, young professionals.

    i love seeing their new approach.

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