A few things that remind me spring is near

Today in Texas it is rainy, cold, and just kind of crappy in general, weather-wise. Tomorrow it will be colder here than in Chicago. Yes, I know we desperately need rain. I just wish it didn’t have to be so darn cold at the same time! All of this dreary grayness is making me long for warmer, prettier weather.  More spring-like weather. Spring is, after all, our reward for living through August. So here are a few things that help me remember that sunnier days lie ahead. And don’t forget, daylight savings starts this weekend!

Love this colorful, stripey dress from JC Penney. I saw it and immediately wanted to go on vacation to an exotic beach so I could wear it. When I showed it to the Home Warrior he said, “Wow, that would be great for a cruise!” Excellent idea, dear. Its silky feel, on-trend color blocking, maxi length, and dramatic colors all say, Pick me!! And the price doesn’t hurt.

I’ve been dreaming of bright green ballet flats for a while now. For some reason, they just sound so happy and colorful—the perfect way to banish the blahs. Finding a pair that matches up to my imagination, however, has been near impossible. This basic pair is inexpensive, and pretty close to what I’ve been searching for. They are also available in several other fun colors! And of course, flats are great for travel.

Even though my black purse is awesome, and I love, love it, sometimes a girl just needs a brightly-colored purse. Exactly like this tangerine laptop bag from McKlein USA. It’s a good size, sturdy, has high reviews, and will give your outfit just the punch of color you’re looking for.

Finally, even though it’s not really travel related, I found these outdoor pillows at JC Penney and I love them. They just seem like spring on a pillow! So I bought a couple, and they are waiting for the day that I can sit outside with them.

Readers, what makes you think of spring? Are you ready, or are you still enjoying winter?


  1. So ready! I’m headed to Florida next week and just bought some darling Calvin Klein khaki shorts at T.J. Marx – one of my favorite places!

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