Poll: Do you wear fragrance during travel?

There have been a great many debates over at Corporette about how appropriate it is to wear fragrance to the office. The reasons “for” range from personal preference to signature scents to I like it and no one can tell me what to do. The reasons “against” range from allergic reactions to simple dislike of popular scents to feeling like their personal space is being invaded by heavy scent users. And guys, don’t think you’re off the hook here. There are plenty of fragrances for gentlemen, including scented aftershaves.

Travel is a different beast from a day at the office, fragrance-wise. You are even closer to others than you would be at work, and you will (likely) pass by many more people than a typical day. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to where perfume or cologne during travel. Or honestly, even a heavily scented lotion. As I mentioned recently, I am very allergic to a lot of scents, and even the briefest whiff of, for example, CK One can give me a major migraine. I never wear perfume, and only occasionally will where a scented lotion or body spray. But never to the airport—there are just too many people. (And remember, it’s never okay to spray perfume on a plane!)

Readers, I’m curious what you think.

Do you wear fragrance during travel?

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  1. Yes. However it’s not overwhelming to make anyone close by (unless you plan on hugging me) to have the urge to throw up with every breath they take. Honestly guys colognes are nearly not as strong as ladies perfumes or other scented sprays/lotions, etc. Lastly, in general I do not mind the smell of (good) scents….unless I’m really sick or something – then pretty much every smell will bother me!

  2. I do wear a fragrance although I tone it down significantly while travelling. I am not sure which is worse–with our without after a full day of flying.

  3. I am also allergic and suffer migraines from scents. It is so bad that we now use unscented soap, shampoo, lotions etc in our home! If I am out and about…a restaurant or even while traveling..one whiff can ruin my whole day OR night! My biggest fear is getting stuck on a plane and someone has cologne or perfume on and I get a whiff of it! I can’t leave and I can’t escape it!!!

  4. Last week I was stuck on a JFK-LAX flight next to a woman that spritzed every 45 minutes or so. It wasn’t a terrible scent, but I was allergic nonetheless.

  5. I second what Victor says, I do wear it, but less. It helps me maintain a sense of cleanliness while traveling; I’d rather be sitting next to someone that smells like Dolce & Gabbana than one that smells like what they had for lunch. Sometimes between two long haul flights I’ll stop in duty free to “freshen up” as well. This is also a great way to try out new scents! However, one caveat to that, I recently found out I’m allergic to “Terre D’Hermes” on a flight from CDG – IAD. I developed a huge rash all over my neck and chest. Yikes!

  6. I do, but it’s a really light scent (called Clean, I believe) that kind of smells like soap…in a good way. I have a small roller ball that I pack in my toiletries case. But I would never spritz on a plane!

  7. Never. I echo one of the other comments that getting on a plane and sitting near someone with a heavy scent is one of the things I get most anxious about. Smelling the artificial scents of cologne and perfume causes my lips and tongue to tingle, my nose to burn, and often a migraine headache or nausea will occur. Not a fun way to spend a few hours. While I certainly respect anyone’s right to wear fragrance, I would hope most people understand the inconvenience and discomfort it causes some people in such close quarters and just hold off spraying until their flights are over for the day. Thank you.

  8. No, I don’t normally wear cologne. However, if I did, I wouldn’t on a plane because someone might be allergic.

  9. I do and I am not sure if it’s light or not. I barely smell it myself so I hope it’s not too invasive. But I’d always prefer to smell someone’s fragrance over stinky BO or nasty food smells or stuffy airplane air.

  10. The problem here isn’t if you should or shouldn’t due to the reason above, but it’s to educate people on the proper application of a scent. If a scent is applied correctly, the above problems shouldn’t occur. These days men and woman apply way too much. A scent should not linger after you leave a room nor should those in a room even smell it. Unless a person is getting intimate with you, they shouldn’t smell your scent.

  11. Yes, but not on a flight, and I limit my use of fragrance to less-strong forms. I don’t pack cologne, but I do pack scented shower gel and a scented body cream.

  12. No, I’m extremely scent sensitive and everthing from smoke or perfume can make me miserable. Sometimes its a head ache other times I have an asmatha attack. Please be very careful with scent

  13. While I don’t drench myself in fragrance, I wear cologne. Public transportation equipment [planes, trains, taxis, subways] looks ever more “tired” and unclean, so a bit of fragrance helps deal with it and neutralizes other odors.

  14. I wear a body spray that matches my deodorant when I fly. Typically, I have to go straight to a meeting, so smelling fresh is ideal. but i spray very little. I’m sensitive to heavy scents myself.

  15. I will be going on a family trip next year that will include about 20 hours on a plane and I am extremely allergic to any fragrance, so I’m terrified that someone on the plane will be wearing the wrong thing and I’ll have a severe asthma attack. I think scented products should be banned from planes, especially as people have died from it already.

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