Poll: Do you sleep in airports?

Last week, I fell asleep in an airport. In my defense, I’m six months pregnant, I had gotten up that morning at 4am, and after a hard day of presentations was completely wiped out at 5pm. The thing is, I didn’t even realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up. Mortified, I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. It was hard to tell. I don’t see anything strange or embarrassing about sleeping on planes, but for some reason airports seem more like a public place and so sleeping seems wrong somehow. Maybe it’s the fact that people are sitting facing you, as opposed to in rows. Anyway, it made me wonder—what do other people think about sleeping in airports? And do you feel differently when you’re traveling for business as opposed to fun? Do you think it’s weird when others sleep in airports?

Do you sleep in airports?

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  1. I think it’s fine to sleep at airports. Normally, if I see someone sleep at the airport, I can only think of two reasons: 1) the person is waiting for a connection and has gotten too tired with the jetlag or 2) the person is waiting for a long connection and is too cheap, broke, or price conscious to book an airport hotel (if they are literally sleeping overnight at the airport). I think it’s perfectly fine and normal and I don’t generally bat an eye or think it’s weird when I see other people do it.

    For my part, I have never slept at an airport. I have, however, dozed on and off while connecting to a domestic flight, coming off from a long international segment, and I did not expect to be so exhasted. I got onto the flight and just slept like a baby.

    Sounds like you had a long day that day!

  2. No shame. I slept in LAS waiting for a delayed red eye after 3 nights in Vegas.

    The same as 6 months pregnant right?

  3. I have fallen asleep when I’m DEAD tired before.. typically when there is international layovers involved. I’ve seen many a person sleeping as well. However, the one time I got stuck in an airport overnight, there was NO sleeping to be had!

  4. Congrats on your upcoming family addition! As for sleeping in airports, get used to it. With a little one coming, you’ll be glad for a catnap wherever you can get it. The only thing that worries me about falling asleep in the airport, in a car rental bus or anywhere else that I nod off in, is having my mouth hanging open and/or leaning on the person next to me. Only drooling would be worse 🙂

    Congrats and enjoy your little naps wherever you can get them!

  5. I’ve taken a nap or two during long layovers after TATLs. Usually in the lounge.

  6. On international trips I do appreciate lounges with quite rooms, or even beds, for a knap. The Senator lounge, FRA by B28 is a fav!

  7. I will go to any lengths to stay awake at airports. If that means walking back and forth down the terminal for 3 hours to stay awake, that’s what I’ll do (I can certainly understand why many people wouldn’t go to such lengths). Stayed awake all night at RNO, SIN (x2), and LAX. LAX was the worst by a wide, wide margin.

  8. Short nap in the lounge, but generally I’m too worried about my stuff and/or missing my flight to actually sleep.

    Actually, I take that back: I had a really nice sleep at the Yotel Schiphol, but that’s an airside hotel. Different than what you meant to ask about, though. 🙂

  9. I was in Atlanta recently, and a guy in my gate area was sleeping with a neck pillow and his head against the wall.

    In his sleep, he ripped a HUGE fart and startled himself awake, not realizing at first why he woke up. Then he started to realize (smell) and was looking around to see if anyone had noticed.

    All of the other people nearby were trying their hardest not to laugh, and help this poor guy save face. But we all knew!

    And that is why I NEVER sleep in airports…

  10. i don’t really notice when other people sleep at airports. they must be really tired! but i don’t feel safe if i were to snooze at the airport. i fall asleep pretty easily on planes, so i do what i can to stay awake while waiting for my flight. and then as soon as i get in my seat and situated, i’m out.

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