Cool Photos from Airplanes

For some people, flying is terrifying. They don’t like heights or confined spaces, so it freaks them out. I have some of those people in my family, and they always make sure to sit in the aisles. This way they have as much room as possible and don’t have to look out the window. But if you don’t look out the window, you miss some really cool stuff!!

I have seen some amazing things out of my plane window—the New York City Skyline all lit up at night, the Grand Canyon, for example. On the way to Las Vegas, I once saw a string of wind turbines on the edge of a series of cliffs. I really regret not having a camera on that trip, because that sight was amazing. There have been a few trips, though, where I have had my camera. Vacations, mostly. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from flights to Hawaii and Alaska.





Readers, what is your favorite sight from an airplane window? Have you been lucky enough to get a picture?


  1. Nice shots of Maui! I’ve been lucky enough to capture Bora Bora, Lake Tahoe, Chicago, San Francisco, Monument Valley, a rainbow over Haleakala on Maui and more than a few cool cloud formations over the Pacific. I actually started a photo blog ( a few years ago just for pictures from the airplane. Of course for all the stuff I’ve captured, there have been a few amazing shots that got away- Diamond Head, the pink tundra of Siberia at dusk, the Northern lights, and a really cool air-to-air with another Delta plane over the bay shortly after takeoff from LAX. I guess that gives me reason to go fly more and try and get them again.

  2. The flight over Greenland is always a favorite. On a cloud free summers day the glaciers, fjords and icebergs are beautiful. I once saw the aurora from the plane, somewhere over Canada, with frozen lands below, stars above and shimmering lights between. Did not get a pic 🙁 I do have nice pics of volcanoes in Indo, Ecuador, various mountain ranges, and the deserts of Asia and Americas

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