Contest! Win a Traveler Truth Prize Pack from National Car Rental! (Closed)

a black and white card with green textThe great National Car Rental promotion One Two Free is back! When customers rent twice from National, they get a third rental free. As simple as that! To celebrate, we are doing a contest where travelers can share their travel experience and win a Traveler Truth Prize Pack—including a Swiss Army WT Wheeled Tote, a Swiss Army WT Deluxe Garment Sleeve, and a $100 AMEX gift card. It’s valued at $499!!

How to win this awesome prize? National is putting together the Top 10 Business Traveler Truths, and they know that if anyone can speak the truth about business travel it’s Road Warriors! To enter the contest, post a comment with your top “rule of the road” for a work trip. I will work with National representatives to pick the best comment, and the winner will receive the Travel Truth Prize Pack. Pretty sweet, right? Plus, the winning truth will be compiled into a close-up of a bagNational’s Top 10 Business Traveler Truths, which will be featured on their Facebook page and shared with travelers far and wide! We will draw the winner on Wednesday, September 19 and announce on September 20. (As always, only one entry per person.)

And if that weren’t enough, as a bonus for Road Warriorette readers, anyone who is currently an Emerald Club member can get one free rental credit. All you have to do is email your Emerald Club membership code to with a screengrab of your comment, and mention “Road Warriorette” so they know where you posted. This means that you will only have to rent one more time to get a free rental! If you’re not a member yet, you can join immediately here (for no cost) to participate.

Road Warriorette’s top business traveler truth: Don’t overpack!!  Choose coordinating items and maximize accessories to save money and time by carrying on your suitcase.

Good luck!



  1. You picked my top one: Carry on everything – No checked baggage

    So another: Drink lots of water

  2. Something that should be part of everybody’s routine… wear a (light) jacket and use it to store all the crap that’s in your pocket to expedite the checkpoint experience.

    I keep my boarding pass and ID in my hand, but everything else — wallet, keys, phone, etc — goes into my jacket pockets. You have immediate access to it right after security and it’s a lot easier to pick up one thing (your jacket) rather than 10 things from the bin.

  3. If you are on a cancelled flight, call the airline while you are waiting in the customer service line.

  4. Always keep phone numbers of customer service for various hotels and airlines and your frequent flier/hotel rewards account numbers handy (phone/printouts) in case you need to call them to change, re book or find alternate arrangements since centralized customer service is much more efficient and helpful in resolving any issues than the staff at the hotel or the airline.

  5. Emerald Club will give you access to the special Aisle, a designated area where you may choose any available vehicle.

  6. Check out where the airport car rentals are located. While some airports have a centralized car rental center, some airports have companies on site and others in a remote location. Knowing in advance that you have to make the extra trip to a remote lot can save some headaches (or make you book with a different company).

  7. Bring a plastic water bottle with you so that you can fill up water after you get through security check to avoid the “Disney-priced” water!

  8. Number 1 rule for me is never forget my driver’s license and/or passport. I drove two hours to the airport once and when the ticket agent asked for my ID, I realized that my driver’s license was two hours away. Thankfully I pleaded with the gate agent and showed every credit card, club card, blockbuster card, and business cards that I had, and they allowed me to get on the plane.

  9. Sign up for Emerald Alerts.

    The driver license expiration alert gives you advance notice to renew your license.

    The last thing you want is to pick out your rental car from the Emerald Aisle, proceed to the checkout booth and be told your expired license will prevent you from renting a car this week!

  10. Just a few….

    Iron all your clothes for the week on Monday night.

    Always carry headphones, Bose QC 15’s are worth every penny.

    And as already mentioned rent from National. Being able to pick your ride does make a difference!

  11. Always carry some cash, put whatever you can in pockets and keep a travel pack handy and ready at all times. That way you’re not forgetting anything and can get out the door fast for that last minute trip!

  12. My work trip “Rule for the Road” is to print my Master List of everything that I could need for my upcoming trip(s) and then use that master list to highlight the items that I will need for that particular trip. I also use a legal sized envelope, so that as I collect info (hard copies of hotel, car & airline reservations) or as I collect receipts while on the trip I can throw everything in one convenient place.

  13. Always wear comfortable shoes!

    I have a few tried and true “all day” shoes that I wear when I travel. Even if you think you won’t be on your feet all day, you end up walking much more than you expect.

  14. Make an itinerary with dates, flights, train rides, rental car info, hotel addresses and phone numbers along with all confirmation numbers. Forward a copy to a relative and keep one for yourself. It is invaluable to have a hard copy of all your travel details in one place and so easy to pull out the same one piece of paper when checking in instead of searching for the correct info in a cell phone (which may be low on battery) or amongst a stack of travel confirmations.

  15. Bring a little cash. Whenever I travel without having some cash I always end up in a situation where I need to give a tip, or buy something where a credit card won’t work. Keeping $20 in your wallet will save you a few headaches.

  16. Use a windshield or dashboard mounted GPS. I cringe when I think of all the people holding their phones in their hands as they are relying on them for directions in strange places. It’s got to be just as distracting as texting and driving.

  17. Always keep in mind the adage that, “No plan survives first contact with the enemy,” so a road warrior’s best tool is their awareness of their surroundings.
    When you stay aware of their surroundings you are able to adapt your plans to changing conditions. My travel headaches are always reduced when I am paying attention to what is going on around me.

    For example, sitting near flight attendants for one of my flights, I found out that our flight was going to be cancelled as soon as they knew, this allowed me to get to the counter and change flights before they announced it on the PA.

    Being aware has allowed me to make changes rapidly during weather events, avoid long lines when other points of entry were open further down the terminal, and knowing how to get around when traffic throws up roadblocks.

    Always be aware.

  18. Pay attention to your body. Get your flu shot. Take Vitamin C starting a few days before you fly. And keep your hands sanitized. Nothing worse than being on a trip and being sick.

  19. Always have a car phone charger so you always have access to maps, emails, and in case of emergencies.

  20. Always have a printout of those critical items that you can’t get elsewhere should you lose your phone (itinerary, conf. #’s, backup copies of passports).

  21. Once in a while, plan on not planning! You might enjoy the most amazing trip by just landing in a new place and “exploring!”

  22. Use a list to pack for your standard business travel week. Even though you do it all the time, stress and distraction can cause you to forget something and since we travel so lean we need every item! Using your list avoids that nagging worry, did I forget something important?

  23. 1. Downy Wrinkle Reducer in the small size is a godsend, must have item!
    2. Do not check a bag unless absolutely necessary.
    3. Use the opportunity to explore an area you’ve always wanted to visit, if possible!

  24. I have found Capital One to be the best bank to have for travel – particularly internationally. They do not charge the typical 3% international transaction fee on credit card transactions. Plus, you can withdraw money from ANY ATM without having to worry about fees. (They credit your account for fees that are charged by the ATM)

    Being an accountant… I saved every receipt from my wife and my trip through Turkey. Every ATM withdrawl was calculated at the day’s market spot exchange rate with no fees or add ons. We probably saved $100s!

  25. Come up with a backup plan if your flight looks like it is going to be impacted by weather. Be proactive!

  26. did anyone get the free rental credit from National? I was reminded because hack my trip is doing another one of these. I followed the steps but have not seen anything in my national account.

  27. If using public transportation to get to an airport, always have at least two possible modes of transport planned. You never know when public transport will be unreliable and you’ll need a backup!

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