Sponsored Review: Plantronics Voyager Legend

Sponsored Review: Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics Voyager Legend Review

In honor of the new Plantronics Voyager  Legend headset, Road Warriorette will be featuring some sponsored posts on behalf of Plantronics and has been compensated for her contributions.

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I’ll be honest. I’ve never successfully used a wireless headset before. I had one with my old phone but I could never make it work, and it frustrated me so much that I gave up and reverted back to my standard white iPhones headset. So when Plantronics first sent me the Voyager Legend to review I delayed using it for a while because it made me nervous. What if I hated it? What if it didn’t work right? (I feel pretty dumb for feeling that way now. Live and learn!)

The setup. I was anticipating some hideously complex setup that required a doctorate in technology. I’m so happy I was wrong! Setup was super easy. I literally put the headset on my ear, pressed a button, and had my phone search for Bluetooth devices. Took thirty seconds, done, ready to go.

Using it. Next came the really scary part: actually using it. It felt very comfortable on my ear, even when wearing it for hours. It also felt very secure and didn’t come off at all. To test it, first I had the Home Warrior go into another room and call me. The Legend said, “Incoming call from Home Warrior. Answer or ignore?”  Whichever command I chose, it understood me. The sound was great—crystal clear on both ends.

I wore it around for a couple of days, and it worked really well. I had no dropped calls or issues with it. Although one day I had my curly hair down, and I’m pretty sure the guy at Starbucks thought I was crazy and talking to myself because my hair totally hides it.

Noise canceling. The Legend blocks noise really well. I had my husband wear it and go to some noisy areas so that I could hear for myself how much background noise seeps through. Specific noises, like the Mini Warrior crying, came through some. But general background noise, like crowd noise, couldn’t be heard at all.

Call routing. This was so cool. If I answered a call on my phone, I could switch it to the headset just by putting it on. I didn’t have to push any buttons or anything.

Other stuff.  The Legend has a mute button and a button to end a call. Once I figured out which was which they were a snap to use. I also tried using it to listen to music, although since it’s only in one ear I still prefer my regular headphones for that.

My one minor complaint: I wish it came with some sort of carrying case. I felt really nervous putting it in my purse without anything protecting it, even though it did fine in there. There is a charging case that will not only store it but also charge it, but it comes out next week so I don’t have it yet.

Overall? I freaking love this thing. I can finally get up and refill my coffee without worrying about jerking wires out of my ear because I dropped my phone. I can take calls while traveling without worrying that background noise will distract my caller. I can answer calls while driving without being dangerous. It was so easy that even technologically phobic or dumb people can use it without frustration. I would certainly recommend this as an excellent, easy-to-use device to anyone who works remotely or travels.  Or really anyone who wants to be able to talk on the phone and do something else at the same time.

Available for $99.99 on the Plantronics website.

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