I Love Office Supplies: Arc Notebook and AvantPro pen review

As I may have mentioned before a time or two, I love office supplies. I can happily spend hours wandering around an office supplies store, looking at notebooks, calendars, stationary, pens, etc. The possibilities while flipping through a clean notebook feel endless! Because of this, when Staples approached me about reviewing some travel-friendly office supplies I immediately said, “YES!!!!”  And not only do I get to play with some fun a pen on a notebooksupplies, I get to give some away to my readers! A perfect set up.

They sent me the Arc Compact Notebook (plus some page flags to fit inside), an AvantPro SilkScribe pen, and a Relay Micro USB Flash Drive. I took them for a test drive on a recent business trip, and here are my thoughts.

Arc Compact Notebook. I love a good notebook, and this little notebook is genius. Not only is it a great size to fit in a small purse or briefcase, it has the added bonus of being able to add or rearrange the pages. The cover is sturdy, and didn’t bend while it was shoved in my purse.  I was also sent the Arc Notebook flags, which simply clip onto the notebook rings. The Compact is sold in stores for $3.99. There are bigger sizes that have accessories like folders, a pouch, dividers, a task pad, calendar, and others. It’s a pretty darn cool system! The smaller size is not available on the website, but here is a link to the other sizes so you can see the system.

AvantPro Pen. I love this pen so much. When I first tried it out I wanted to just make up things to write so I could keep using it! It’s very comfortable to hold, with a good grip. The ink comes out so smoothly, but dries very quickly and doesn’t smear. Plus it’s touted as being airplane friendly, and I certainly had no issues with it on my trip. Another cool thing—it’s refillable. The AvantPro pen is $6.99 and the SilkScribe refills are $2.99 for a pack of two.

Relay Micro USB Flash Drive. I have never seen such a small flash drive! It is so tiny and clever. The low profile makes it perfect for tight spots like on a plane, leaving more room for notebooks or a mouse. Definitely attach the included cord so it’s easy to get out of your computer. Keep in a notebook with many colorful sticky notesmind, it really is super small so be careful you don’t lose it. It’s available in sizes from 8-32 GB, for $13.99-$34.99.

All in all I LOVED everything they sent me. I would highly, highly recommend any of these products to anyone who travels often. Or anyone who likes office supplies.

Oh! And remember how I said above that I’m giving some of these items away to readers? Click here for details on how to win!!

Road Warriorette received these items free of charge for reviewing purposes.


  1. Thanks for this review, you cannot get this size of Arc in the UK yet and this is the first photo I have seen of it! I’ve linked this review on my blog for others to see.

    Also, may I use the photo of the compact notebook in a post I have about US/UK Arc Range differences – obviously you will be credited.

    Thanks again!

  2. I love my Arc notebook except for 1 thing: No place to store a pen!! I have one of the zipper pockets, and have put a couple of pens in there, but then it bulks up the cover and doesn’t lay flat. Any suggestions?

  3. I wanted a pen that didn’t skip and slide on paper. I finally found it. Went to staples and decided to take the pen that was on sale. plus refills. I must say I’m very happy they had it on sale, or I may of not tried it. thanks staples for a great silkScribe Ink/Encre made by AVANT PRO. I’ll be back for more.

  4. I came across this blog today. Steph- staples does sell the stick on pen holder which I picked up quite a few of to put on my plastic ARC binders. Plus Amazon has colored ones by Leuchtturm I got one in red- Love it(which cost mucho more). I live in Maine. The stick on pen holder was not with the ARC supplies, I think it was where all the post it note and pen holder stuff is.

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