I Love Office Supplies: Giveaway!

a pen on a notebookSo you’ve read my review of the Arc Compact Notebook, AvantPro pen, and Relay Micro USB flash drive, and now you’re wondering: How can I get my hands on these awesome items from Staples? Well of course, there is the old fashioned way—ordering off the website. Or you could participate in the Twitter contest to win them for free!

Here’s how to enter: Between now (March 14, 10am Central) and next Monday, March 18 at midnight, go to twitter and send me a tweet. In this tweet, tell me the next trip you are taking that these products would make easier. Be sure to include the hashtag #StaplesMakesTravelEasy. (A sample tweet: @RoadWarriorette I’m headed to Thailand in the fall! #StaplesMakesTravelEasy)Then we will randomly select not one, not two, but FIVE winners! The package includes the Arc Compact Notebook and Flags, the AvantPro pen, and 8GB Relay Micro flash drive (value $28).

So everybody head to Twitter and tell me your next trip that these awesome Staples products could make easier! Remember, there will be FIVE winners!

Thanks again to Staples for this contest. Now go tweet!


  1. Boy you guys are super positive today!

    @Mike I’m running the contest that long so the weekend readers have a chance to participate.

    @Andy Most of the contests I do don’t involve Twitter. I will have one very soon that is all blog, I promise! (See “Most Popular Posts” to the right for a small sampling of some of the contests I’ve run over the years that have nothing to do with Twitter.)

    @Anonymous Yes, that’s all it takes–someone willing to give cool, relevant stuff away, for free, to my readers.

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