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Even though spring is in full bloom here in Texas, other parts of the country are still in the midst of winter. I will be heading up north very soon, and it will be quite a shock to go from temps in the mid 70s to freezing winds and possible snow. Accordingly, I have been thinking very carefully about my outfits. Nothing (IMO) is as comforting or cozy in the cold as a good pair of knee-high boots. However, you have to be careful when purchasing boots for business travel. Here are the things I keep in mind when shopping for boots that have to work for both the business part AND the travel part:

Comfort. As always, the boots have to be comfortable. I always look for flat boots (of course), but if you have some comfortable heeled boots that can take the airport hiking, that works too.

Simplicity. Simpler boots seem more appropriate for work attire in general, to me. By simple I mean not a ton of extra buckles, zippers, or bulk. Boots like these adorable Sorels are great for weekends though!

Easy to put on/take off. I have seen many a pair of gorgeous, work appropriate lace-up boots in my day. But as with all shoes, when you wear boots to the airport they need to be quick and easy to slip on and off. Boots with no closings (like the Journee pair below) or with just a zipper make zipping through security a breeze.a close-up of a boot

Right now is a great time to find deals on boots since stores are clearing out their inventory in anticipation for spring. Here are some fabulous pairs I found that would be great for business travel:

These gorgeous Journee Collection microsuede boots come in four colors, have a wider calf circumference, and are very affordable.  Of course, they are not ideal for ice or snow. But for cold without precipitations, they are a great options! (I a brown boot with a heelhave a very similar pair from a few years ago in a wine color, and I wear them all. the. time.)

I love, LOVE these simple, beautiful Nicole Maverick riding boots. The stitching along the side keeps them interesting, and a pair of black bootsthe 1 ¾ heel makes them a little dressier. They would look great with dresses or under pants.

These La Canadienne Passion boots are lovely and classic, and would work well for inclement weather.

Readers, do you travel in boots for business travel? What is your favorite pair?

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  1. The only boots I’ll wear to the airport are my Burberry rain boots that zip up the back if I know that the weather in NY is going to be yucky. Otherwise, I’ll pack my mid-calf boots that go with jeans and dresses in my carry-on. But I get to be casual on my trips so that helps. I usually just pack flats and hope my feet don’t get cold/wet.

  2. In theNYmetro area I wear boots with everything, every day from mid November till end of March. I wear them for business and for casual. With TSApre check I get to keep them on also….

  3. Until this Fall, I would never have worn boots to fly. However in November I bought a pair of Lana boots in black by Cole-Haan. This brand is one of the very few my feet are comfortable in. As I was going to the UK in late November I decided to take them, and as they are a tall boot, it was easiest to wear them instead of packing them. Much to my amazement they were comfy beyond belief and I not only wore them to fly both ways, but wore them on a visit to Paris (walking) and repeated the experience last month! The boot is a classic elegant tall boot with a 2.5 inch heel (not too high), a side zipper and minimal embellishment. It fits like a glove and the Nike Airsole makes a huge difference in how long I can tolerate wearing the boot-so far more than 10hrs, which is incredible in my experience. While Cole-Haan is not cheap, I would MUCH rather buy 2 or 3 pairs of really good shoes once a year than dozens of pairs of cheap shoes. The boots were not a problem going through security either. I have had the heel tips replaced and regularly polish all my shoes. Once boot weather is over, they will go to the cobbler for some prestorage maintenance so they will be ready for next Fall!

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