Three months, three conferences

For most of the country, spring is in the air! That means warmer temperatures, longer days, pretty flowers….and the beginning of Conference Season for Road Warriorette. There’s no two-week behemoth like last year (and thank goodness for it!) but I do have three conferences in three months. To make things tricky, all three are with very different audiences. And to make it even trickier, they’re in three very different climates! So I have to figure out how to stay true to what I know are the core conference clothing strategies, but tailor each wardrobe for the specific conference. Hmmmmm, a packing challenge? I accept! (Pictured: What will make you a conference-packing hero? A surge protector!!)

Core conference strategies:

  • Comfort. A typical conference lasts from morning until night, therefore everything I wear has to be incredibly comfortable. Soft and stretchy is the name of the game—nothing too tight, with zippers or buttons that dig.
  • Layers. Conferences are notorious for being either freezing cold or blazing hot. Wearing layers means I am prepared for any temperature! In the case that I have to lose my top layer, I have to make sure my underneath layer is appropriate and doesn’t show too much skin. On the other end of the spectrum, I keep a pashmina in my bag to use as a shawl or blanket if the conference hall is freezing.
  • Shoes I can walk in. All of the conferences I’m attending are either in large hotels or conference centers, so I can count on tons of walking. Only my most comfortable shoes will do! (Although I may slip a pair of flip-flops into my purse for some of the longer hikes.)

Individual conference strategies:

Conference #1:

The first conference is in Las Vegas, where the high will be around 90 every day. This crowd is younger and trendier than the rest of my conferences, so I plan to use brighter colors and bolder accessories. An additional challenge: one night of cocktail attire.

Conference #2:

The second conference is in Colorado in May. This will likely be the most casual of the three conferences, and will also have the coolest temperatures. I will probably wear jeans or leggings with sweaters for cozy comfort.

Conference #3:

The last conference will be on the Gulf Coast of Texas in June, with for sure the hottest temperatures and most humidity. This will also be where I do the most walking outside (oh joy). I don’t know if I have a plan for this one yet….. maybe lots of dresses. And water. Lots of water.



  1. I use Pinterest to mix and match my outfits before my trips. As I go along, I “like” work outfits and then open up the page before I pack so I can see what I need. It is a good way to vary some outfits with only a couple pairs of shoes, pants, colored tops and sweaters/pashminas. The other think I do is switch up the jewelry. Forever 21 has tons of cheap, basic jewelry, you just have to overlook the trendier designs. For $50 you can have a big collection, nobody knows and if you lose something it isn’t the end of the world.

  2. This coming month I have events in N Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, Australia, S American Rain forest and N America, Some are out in the field and others very formal meeting and society events. A nightmare to do just on hand luggage.

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