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This contest is closed.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know that I recommend compression socks for anyone who takes long flights. (That goes double for pregnant people!) They really do help keep my ankles and feet from swelling, not to mention reducing the threat of DVT. Even though I own several pairs myself, I am always on the lookout for a new pair, as long as it’s CUTE. Before, I’ve only been able to find black, boring, ugly compression socks. Until now!

a collage of different socksIntroducing Nabee Socks: compression socks for men and women, backed by science, with adorable designs. It is a brand new company, with the founder Brian Park getting funding through Kickstarter. (If you have a minute, check out their Kickstarter video—I love it.) Nabee Socks use graduated compression that improves blood circulation, provides additional leg support, and prevents conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis. They sent me some socks to review, and here are my thoughts.

First, the four designs are fabulous. I had a hard time choosing my favorite, but finally picked the pink argyle Frou. (Although it was really a toss-up between Frou and the striped Waldough.) While I really liked looking at them, I kind of dreaded putting them on—I have muscular calves, and it is a struggle to get most compression socks on. These, however, were much easier than any pair I’ve ever dealt with before. I was actually able to get them on my feet and all the way up my calves!  A very exciting moment. Once they were on, I certainly felt compressed, but in no way uncomfortable.  I also really like the seaming around the toe—it’s very comfortable and doesn’t irritate. I’ve worn them on several flights a close-up of a socknow, and the swelling is significantly less than without them. Also, I wore them a couple of times when I had long days with lots of standing, and my feet hurt way less than normal. In addition to being a great product, I really like the philosophy of the company—upbeat, positive, backed by science, with a 100% money-back guarantee. There are four designs available for women, and one design (for now—more are coming!) for men, and they are all $35.

I am super excited to partner with Nabee Socks for a contest! The winner will win one pair of Nabee Socks of their choice. In order to enter, please leave a comment answering the following question: What is the longest flight you have ever taken, and where did you go? The contest starts today and goes until midnight on Monday, May 6, with the winner picked randomly. As always, only one entry per person.

My answer to this question is easy: the longest flight I’ve ever been on is definitely the one from DFW to Tokyo—14 hours total. It’s just one of three flights that get me from home to Manila for a total travel time of 25 hours. Of course, I’m lucky because every time I’ve taken that flight I’ve been upgraded. The flight that seemed the longest (even though it wasn’t) was the time I flew the reverse, from Tokyo to DFW, an 11 hour flight that I spent in coach.

Good luck!!


  1. My longest flight was from JFK to Hong Kong. Tired. Very tired. But, I was young then!!

  2. Atlanta to Moscow – with a delay on the ground,turbulence in the air and uncomfortable Delta coach seat, it felt a lot longer than 11-12 hours…

  3. O’Hare-Charles de Gaulle-Mumbai. Something like 18, 20 hours? Longest single stretch was IAD-Doha… 14 hours. All coach!

  4. Indianapolis to Singapore via Chicago and Tokyo. Can’t find flight details, but GC map has it at 9721 miles. Back in ’92 when I flew it, it probably took 24 hours total.

  5. Same as you, Detroit to Tokyo as part of a 30-hour Newark to Beijing trip in college (so obvi in coach.)

  6. Melbourne to DC. I think it was 22 hours total? I remember a layover in Singapore where I was pretty much delirious and waking up on the flight periodically having no idea what time it could possibly be and getting up to brush my teeth anyway. LOL. Next biggie is DC to Hawaii!

  7. My longest flight was LAX to Sydney, 14 hours in coach. That was one long flight…

  8. PEK (Beijing) – ORD (Chicago) – DFW

    11.5 or 12 hour flight + a 2-2.5 hour flight + a 2 hour layover — fun!

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