Patterned skirts. Oh my!

Over the past couple of years, I have made an effort to introduce more patterns into my wardrobe. Of course, shirts are the easiest place to add interest. Thanks to the inspiration of blogs like Corporette my upper-body wardrobe has slowly been evolving. However, I’ve decided it’s time to move to the next level in patterns: skirts. All of my work skirts are solid gray and black. The cover of a recent Anthropologie showed me the ultimate goal, a fabulous bright orange and white skirt. But someone like me, who has lived in a world of gray and black for so long, can’t just jump into bright orange. Steps must be taken to ease me into this new, colorful place.

The first step was surprisingly easy. I was at Old Navy during their recent dress sale and found this adorable turquoise and white striped dress. Topped with a red cardigan and skinny belt, it is my new favorite outfit for work. I wore it to a recent conference, was incredibly comfortable, and got tons of compliments.

I now feel like I’m ready to buy the spectacular Anthropologie skirt (or this very similar one from Boden). But I struggle with what to wear with it. The Anthro picture shows it with a light purple blouse, and that would work really well. But I think I like it with a mint tee better. It seems like the trick is to keep the top slightly contrasting but close to neutral. Add nude flats for comfort, plus a cream colored cardigan in case the plane gets cold, and you’ve got a lovely summer business casual travel outfit!

If you’re not quite ready for bright orange, I also really like this black and white chevron skirt from Ann Taylor.

Hooray patterns!

Readers, do you wear patterns during business travel? What are your favorite items?


  1. I happen to be wearing a floral print mid-calf skirt (very 1960’s housewife, but in a good Mad Men way) with pockets and a slouchy v-neck sweater for day 1 of my work trip today. Plus pointed toe flats…it’s all about the pointed toe this season! So perfect for a spring NY day!

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