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If you’re like me, you love your tablet. My iPad is great for surfing the web, using apps, and reading. But actual work? Not at all. Typing for long periods of time is too difficult on my iPad, which makes it hard to get any real work done. I’ve often thought about getting an external keyboard, but many of the ones I’ve seen have been so bulky that I might as well use my regular laptop. Then I was sent the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad to review, and all of my feelings have changed.

a close-up of a laptopBelkin recently launched their Ultimate Keyboard Case, and so far the reviews have been excellent. After my own personal experience, I completely agree. It’s meant to stay with your iPad all the time, so it functions as both a case and a keyboard (as one might gather from the name). The back has an aluminum shell, but the connecting pieces are nice and thin. It was very simple to slip my iPad into place, and after the initial charge (I let it charge for about 20 minutes) setup took maybe 30 seconds and was incredibly easy.

The keyboard is great—obviously smaller than a full-size laptop keyboard, but certainly large enough to get the job done. I really like that there are individual, separate keys—it makes typing so much easier. Plus the keys are big enough and in the right place.  It also really protected my iPad from the various large things I carry in my purse.

I carried it around with me (everywhere) for a few days, and here are the features I love. First, it is SO thin. a close up of a laptopHardly thicker than my iPad by itself! Also, it weighs almost nothing, so I barely notice it in my purse, and I was able to fit it into regular purses vs. my normal large work purse. It takes up so much less room than my regular laptop, which makes using it in tight spaces (like conferences and airplanes) a breeze. When I wanted it to be just a tablet, the case folded back nicely and didn’t interfere.

As a travel bonus, since it’s an iPad I didn’t have to take it out at security. Woohoo! (Hey, I’ll take any time saver there.)

Will this replace my laptop for everything? No—I had a hard time adjusting to no mouse, plus I need all of those awesome MS programs (PowerPoint anyone?). But I love the Ultimate Keyboard Case, and will definitely use it with my iPad on all trips from here on out. I recommend it to anyone who travels often or needs a super portable computer. It is compatible with iPad 2 plus Gen 3 and 4, and is available for $129.

a laptop with a white screenSo who wants one?? To celebrate the release, I am giving away a Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case!! In order to enter, please leave a comment answering the following question: What is your best tip for getting through security quickly? The contest starts today and goes through Sunday, May 19, at midnight CDT. The winner will be chosen randomly, and as always only one entry per person.

My tip for getting through security quickly (besides TSA Pre-Check of course) is to have everything ready before you get to the bins. Have your liquids bag (if you take it out) easily accessible, have everything out of your pockets, and have your laptop ready to pull out. Or you could take an iPad with the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case, which doesn’t have to come out!

Good luck!!


  1. Put all the contents of your pockets/bet in your carry-on bag before getting into the security line. That way you also minimize the risk of losing anything during screening!

  2. Ask if there is a shorter line elsewhere. Today at PHL the queue was about an hour long. I asked one of the TSA gents standing there if there was anywhere with a shorter one, and he sent me to the next terminal over where there were only 4 people at security. It was well worth the 5 minute walk to just breeze through.

  3. Besides TSA Pre Check, wearing my slip on shoes instead of my sneakers. Also having anything that needs to come out in the outer zip pocket for easy access.

  4. Try and fly very early in the am seems like alot less lines the earlier you fly

  5. I like wearing slip on sneakers for easy removal at he security line and put everything else in my backpack. Makes it easy to keep track.

  6. liquids out in a ziplock baggy, laptop out, shoes, jacket off and cram all loose objects into jacket pockets.

  7. Don’t wear lots of jewelry, belt, and put all loose change, keys, etc. in carry-on. Plus shoes that are easy to slip in and out of.

  8. do early check in and keep basically everything in back suitcase so you can move right threw line.

  9. No belts, loafers, watch and jewelry in carry on bag, boarding pass in passport.

  10. Follow TSA carry-on guidelines and have small items/liquids in a separate bag that is easily accessible.

  11. Put keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. into your jacket pockets (preferably zippable); remove jacket and put in bin.

  12. Prepare before you leave for the airport. Pack light, don’t bring so much stuff in carry on (jewelry, cosmetics, etc), wear clothing (undergarments too) that don’t set off the machines, either wear slip on shoes or pre-loosen laces to make sneakers slip on/off easy. Please wear socks for hygiene’s sake. Pay attention to those ahead of you in line so your mind gets the drill down before it’s your turn. Be pleasant to the workers too!

  13. Wear shoes that are easy to take on/off. Keep all electronics, liquids, etc. at the top of your suitcase so they’re easy to take out for the scanner.

  14. I wear comfortable clothes and shoes that slip off so I don’t hold up the lines.

  15. Be prepared. We’ve all been through the lines before. When it’s your turn, you’ll go through that much more quickly.

  16. Status. And paying attention to which checkpoint has a line with 300 people in it and which has 3 people, one terminal over.

  17. Put your 3oz bag in the top outside pocket of the roller bag, put belt in purse at home, don’t wear necklace, have slip on socks in with 3oz bag for putting on bare feet.

  18. I always take my belt off and put it in my carryon before i get in the security line

  19. Know what you have to take out separately for security ahead of time and pack/plan accordingly. Some airports LHR in particular require ALL electronic devices to to be removed from carry ons. Solution? Put them all in a clear 2 gallon ziploc before security. Use a quart bag for loose change, keys and watch. After security, scoop up bags and reposition/repack.

  20. No what to do at the checkpoint… (I.e. remove laptop from case, remove everything in pockets, remove belt, etc.)

  21. Best advice is to dress ready. Flip flops if possible, jacket in your carry on, and bring your ipad instead of laptop if you can. And grab extra bins! You can always stack them if you have too many, but I somehow end up using them all most of the time.

  22. If you must travel with lots of jewelry, take it off & store it before getting in line for security.

  23. Have a nice backpack with a small front pocket to put all of the keys, phones, and pocket lint in before getting to he X-ray machine….

  24. pack everything you’d need to remove for TSA in locations easy to get to…

  25. Wear slip on shoes and don’t wear a belt! Also, try not to have too many loose items in your pockets.

  26. Don’t ‘over stuff’ your carry on bag!
    TSA checked all bags that they claimed were ‘over stuffed’ and were quite rude to those being searched & re-searched because their bags were ‘over stuffed’.

  27. no belt, wear flip flops, leave the kids at home, do not bring the laptop. (for leisure trip)

  28. Travel with a baby. You get to skip the nude-o-scope and sneak in some liquids… For the baby of course.

  29. Besides PreCheck, have a routine so that everything is second nature. My bags/bins are always lined up in the same order so I can get shoes (slipon, always!) and jacket on quickly at the far end, and my laptop bag always goes on the belt facing the same way so I can just slip the laptop in easily.

  30. I take off watches, keys , cell phone, coins, and anything else that normally goes in the bin and put the in my blazer pocket, and the blazer goes in the bin. Then I go quickly as i can and then put thing back where they belong as I’m walking to the gate.

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