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I have written several times about how I wear bike shorts under skirts and dresses on travel days. It just makes so much sense! It alleviates worry about any unexpected TSA pat-downs, wind gusts, or, of course, chafing. For what seems like forever I have just worn normal bike shorts from Target. My problem with them, and with most typical exercise bike shorts, is that they’re just too long! With my knee-length dresses I am constantly concerned that they will show as I’m walking. Not fun at all.

On a recent Corporette post, a commenter mentioned that she uses Jockey Skimmies Slipshorts. Seriously, these seem like the answer to a prayer. They are inexpensive, come in a bunch of colors, and have different lengths. Plus the reviews are mostly very good, and report no roll-up (or down) or muffin-top. Woohoo! I am definitely going to be trying out the regular length, although there is also a shorter length. $20 at Amazon.

Readers, have you tried the Slipshorts? Do you feel comfortable wearing dresses on travel days?

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  1. As a guy I can see why you would wear these but I guess I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t just opt for pants on days you travel. Maybe not as comfortable I guess but they would protect you more in case of a plane crash or other type accident.
    Oh and coming from a male viewpoint the bike shorts seem weird. I would go for the short skimmies if you must.

  2. wearing pants will definitely be what protects you in the event of a plane crash…

  3. Bike shorts? Like, the ones with padding on the butt area? I don’t even like wearing them on actual bike rides that are less than 50 miles because I feel like I am wearing a diaper… Or did you mean the compression shorts, with no padding?

  4. The bike shorts or skimmies are a great suggestion. Personally though, if I decide to wear a dress or skirt on a travel day, I definitely wear leggings or pantyhose. I do not like having my legs even a little bit bare on the airplane…. too cold!!

  5. I wear shapers from Lane Bryant and Costco. It’s mainly for chafing, but I don’t mind the extra benefits.

  6. @KateFromCA I mean just simple bike shorts, not padded or compression. So probably shorts that wouldn’t even be used for real biking, that’s just what I’ve always called them. Something similar to this:
    more cotton, I guess, not the shiny finish.

    @DaninSTL I like to wear dresses on really long travel days because it is far more comfortable, and I wear them in the summer because it can get so hot.

    @Rae I know what you’re saying–sometimes I’ll wear leggings and then take them off when I arrive–that way I’m warm on the airplane but not too hot at work.

  7. That may have been me who posted the Shimmies recommendation on Corporette as I have suggested them a few times. I swear by them and own several pairs in black and beige. However I did not know they come in a shorter version so thank you for that — just ordered two pairs. They really work well and smooth under a dress. I don’t need and won’t wear Spanx (too tight) so the Jockey shorts do the trick. Jockey also makes nice camisole and full traditional slips, which I also wear.

  8. I bought three pairs after reading this and wish I had done it years ago! I anticipate they will be great under dresses and skirts this summer.

  9. Thank you, thank you for the recommendation! Spanx are horrible. I think the sales associate thought I was physically struggling with someone in the dressing room when I was merely trying on a pair of spanx! Lol

  10. I can attest that neither the waistband nor the leg rolls. I typically walk 1-2 miles/day at work, sometimes more, and they stay put the entire time. Very light and comfy and very effective at preventing chafing while wearing a dress. While they are not shapewear per se, they do smooth the silhouette. I love them!

  11. Just a note to say that in trying to figure out what size to order of these skimmies, I joined the email list for Jockey.

    Still unsure, I went to a Kohl’s but found none to try. It was unclear if larger stores carried them but we were on vacation and I didn’t have time to figure that out; I had just stopped into a Kohl’s that happened to be where we were.

    A few days later I got a Jockey Mystery Code email entitling me to either 25, 50 or 75% off one order. I opened it and my code was 50%. Not only could I get as many pairs as I wanted for 50% off, but there were a few of last year’s colors on sale and I got those at 50% off too. I qualified for free shipping and ordered a whole slew of them in various sizes and colors, with free returns. So if you like or are curious about this product it pays to sign up for Jockey emails! (You do sacrifice the points you’d earn at Kohl’s through the UR portal using GCs bought at Office Depot on Ink cards, but in the end I this it is still a better deal!)

    I ended up spending $10 each for the regular stock and $6.50 each for the sale colors. I am pleased and having ordered the L, XL and 2XL I can now see what really works for me. And I did at least get a few UR points too!

  12. Hi! I realise this is an old post, but for those like me who get to it via google, I found a good solution to the shorts problem.

    Forever 21 has $4 bike shorts that are made of mostly cotton and a bit of stretch. There are two styles, and I can’t quite tell the difference. HTH.

  13. I been looking for the same. I have so many skirts & dresses that I just do not wear! I am constantly running after my babies & when I actually do wear a dress they think they can lift it up & hide under it. I’m tired of having so many cute things I just don’t wear because I’m afraid of being exposed! I’ve decided to get some sports shorts so I can start making use of my cute stuff! 🙂

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