Poll: In person wake up calls?

An article by Nancy Trejos came out in USA Today a couple of weeks ago talking about a new trend in wake up calls. Evidently, hotels have decided that a good way to add a “human touch” to wake up calls is to come to your door, as opposed to having a machine call your room. I get it—hotels, especially boutique and high end hotels, are trying to personalize service. But I’m not completely sure how I feel about having a random person see me in my jammies, before having washed my face or brushed my hair. Of course, if they’re bringing me coffee it’s another story….

Readers, what do you think?

Do you want a person to come to your door to wake you up?

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  1. Given how poorly soundproofed most hotel room doors are these days I can see this generating a lot of extra early morning hallway noise. First.. I never rely on a wakeup call. Second, if I did use one I’d just pick up the receiver and hang it back up. I don’t leap out of bed immediately upon waking.. and that is what you would have to do with someone pounding on your door. Bad idea all the way around IMO.

  2. The Courtyard by Marriott in Delhi will not only give you a wakeup call but deliver coffee and tea to your door. I have ZERO qualms about a knock on the door wakeup call if it involves a caffeine delivery.

  3. Who uses wakeup calls these days anyway….all cell phones have alarm clocks built in, and all hotel rooms provide alarm clock radios.

  4. @Jon – I set all 3 options 10 minutes apart just to make sure that I get up on time when traveling for business. I have been known to fall back asleep more than once.

  5. Who sleeps in jammies? I’d imagine usage would be low or they better provide bathrobes in the rooms.

  6. I am a deep sleeper and have a hard time waking up (and I’m also a chronic snooze button hitter) so I set multiple alarms (cell phone, radio, and hotel phone wake-up call) if I really have an important meeting.I have stayed at a few 5-star hotels where they send someone to check on me if I don’t pick up after a few calls…I actually found that to be a really thoughtful gesture.

  7. Even though I was in transit SQ was not allowing pre check in because they were planning manual check in to assure they can function during a computer outage.
    I asked for a wakeup call at the Sheraton FRA, I mentioned an early morning flight. I woke up early and did the check in at FRA. When I returned to my room I found security in my room. My anger turned to amazement when I understood they were searching for me because I did not answer my wake up call.

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