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Tomorrow I leave for Manila. It takes 26 hours of travel time just to get there. So I leave Sunday morning and land (because of the time difference) on Monday night. Wow! That is a long, long time in the air.  I will be honest, I have never been on a plane or in transit this long.  Luckily I got upgraded to Business Class during the longest flight, from DFW to Tokyo, which is fourteen hours. However that still leaves me with a five hour flight from Tokyo to Manila in coach, so I want to be as comfortable as possible.

Because of this long flight, I am trying several new things to facilitate my comfort. Here is a quick rundown of what and why, and I will come back (hopefully throughout the week, assuming my internet connection is solid) and give updates on how everything worked.

Kindle—I am very excited about this! Instead of packing 10 books for the combined 52 hours of flying, I am just bringing the Kindle. So much easier!

Eye mask and earplugs—hopefully this will help me sleep

Seat organizer—I am iffy about this, but if it makes things easier I am willing to try it. Basically it hangs on the back of the seatback tray in front of you and has room for glasses, a water bottle, books, a newspaper, etc.

Seat cushion—I know it’s probably silly, but five hours sitting sounds so long! I want to be as comfy as possible.

Travel blanket—I know in coach travel blankets are scarce (and sometimes scary). This one folds us into its own fairly small case.

Compression socks—trying to keep my feet from swelling! My mom swears by these. We shall see.

Slippers—so I don’t have to wear shoes all the time but can still get up and move if I need to

Toiletries—I’m also taking a little bag with chapstick, moisturizer, facial mist, and lotion so I don’t get dried up

For the actual trip in Manila, I am bringing a couple of new things.

Clothespins—Because I will be working at night and sleeping during the day, a friend recommended I bring these to keep the curtains closed

Emergen-C—because I will surely be somewhat sleep deprived. Got to keep the energy up!

Tune in throughout the week so I can (hopefully) update you on how everything worked out!!



  1. When I flew on Delta’s business internationally the amenity kit had some toiletries, but I’m one of those people who won’t use hotel shampoo so bringing brands you like is better than hoping the airline provides something usable.

  2. I live in Australia. Suffice to say nearly everything shy of far North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef requires a flight over eight hours, and the Europe or NYC, it’s 14 hours plus another connection and the layover. I have to credit Qantas and Air New Zealand – two airlines equipped to accommodate long haul passengers.

    Since July I’ve made four long haul flights (Europe and New York) with an average travel time door to destination of 30 hours. It’s extreme.

    Here are three insider tips:

    1. Get fitted for compression stockings (the kind senior citizens wear) at a pharmacy that caters to that market. They will cost you about $80 per pair and you need 2 pair. Wearing both during flight will significantly reduce swelling of feet and ankles. Do not remove them til you are at your destination.

    2. Book a massage for immediately after you arrive. Although you will be exhausted the physical circulation boost will help get your blood circulating and relieve any back and shoulder knots for sleeping in awkward positions. Hotel reception can do this if requested via email and it will average about $80-100 depending on your hotel and city.

    3. Water is the key. Drink a full glass 8 Oz, every hour you are awake. It will forcibly keep you hydrated and also positively promote frequent voiding. This will force you out of your seat and into getting brief stints of exercise which again promote well being and circulation.

    For more travel tips, airport food discoveries, hotel lowdown and female business travel tips follow me on Twitter @Digitalgodess. Feel free to ask me a question and I will leave you a video response.


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