Stop chafing before it starts

Y’all, it is hot. A few weeks ago, I mentioned wearing the awesome Jockey Slipshorts under dresses for extra coverage and to stop chafing. These shorts are a great option, but sometimes the temperature  (or humidity) is so high you don’t want the extra coverage. But how else can you stop chafing besides an extra layer of fabric?

Enter Monistat Soothing Care. It goes on as a liquid, dries as a silky powder, and is a great way to protect your skin from, well, your skin. Put it on any place that may get irritated from skin rubbing together—inner thighs, bikini area, or underarms. Also, according to the reviews on Amazon, it also works really well as a makeup primer (who knew?). A couple of other options are Gold Bond Friction Defense and BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm.

Readers, do you have any tricks to avoid chafing?

Stay cool!

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  1. The Monistat product works great. As a guy I’ve used it. As a marathon runner I’ve tried a ton of stuff like this. The best two or well three products are Bodyglide (can be bought at sporting goods stores or running stores). Degree antiperspirant and band aids. The band aids go over nipples when running so not really for normal daily wear. Degree works well if it’s not too bad, like a seam in pants or other places you won’t see. Bodyglide works better and lasts longer. It also doesn’t smell like, well Degree.

  2. I second Bodyglide.

    I believe some of my friends swear by the Gold Bond product. Since it goes all over hot and sweaty body parts it’s not something I really wanted to borrow and try myself and I have stock piles of body glide.

  3. I haven’t tried the monistat product, but on both a six week and a three week trip I used Brave Soldier “Friction Zone” gel. It has a little tea tree oil that helps eliminate bacteria and funk. I also use it when I go to trade shows and walk around for hours at a time.

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