Business Travel News Roundup

Checking into news from the past week or so…..Here are some stories that caught my eye.

Hooray! TSA expanding PreCheck , so you can keep your shoes on at more airports, says NBC News.

The New York Times wrote about compensation for delayed or cancelled flights, and how Europe has better protections than the US.

Be still my heart….Etihad Airlines launches “Flying Nannies” program, via The Today Show. Sounds glorious!

So gross. USA Today has a rundown of some of the worst airports.

From WSJ Middle Seat: Apparently rental car companies are keeping cars longer, and they are unfortunately worse for the wear.

For you moms-to-be, I just found a great blog all about dressing for work while pregnant: Work That Bump (via Corporette). She is adorable and has super taste, and plenty of her outfits are perfect for business travel. (Where was she last year when I was pregnant??)

Readers, any news stories catch your interest this week?

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