Crocs for work? Yes please!

crocs AleighI’m going to be honest. I think the original Crocs are so, insanely ugly. People say that they are the most comfortable shoes in the world—I don’t care. Still ugly, and I have zero plans of ever owning some. Even some of their newer versions, upon closer inspection, look, well, rubbery.

However. Today, I got an email from Amazon about new shoes, and a pair of (gasp) Crocs were the first ones to catch my eye. Y’all, these Crocs A-leigh closed-toe wedges are so adorable and would be perfect for fall business travel. And if the other versions of Crocs are anything to go by, they will be super comfy. There are several colors available, and they would go well with skirts, dresses, pants, and jeans on the weekend. I can’t decide between my favorite colors—of course the brown, cinnamon, and black would be great neutrals. But I keep coming back to the gorgeous dark red. Love them! Although, while it’s tempting to buy a pair without laying eyes on them in person, I think I will have to wait until I go to a store to make sure they look as cute up close.

Readers, do you wear Crocs to work? Do you have any other shoes that are very comfortable?


  1. I got a pair of the tall knee length suede wedge croc boots 2 years ago and the are super comfortable for travel and look cute with skirts and tights. They are a staple in my winter outfits.

  2. I’ll second the Dansko’s. But they will set off the metal detectors if you wear them through security. I retired from a job where I had to clear airport style security to go to work. My Dansko’s set off the metal detectors every day..

  3. Crocs are still ugly and dangerous to walk it. The soles wear quickly and they become hazardous on wet or slick surfaces. You’d be better with a nice pair of Clark’s.

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