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Motorola Whisper

This giveaway is closed.

Headsets are awesome. They help you take conference calls more efficiently, talk on the phone while driving more safely, and just generally multi-task more. For business travel this becomes even more important! That being said, not all headsets are created equal. Motorola recently sent me a Whisper headset to review, and I am very impressed with their latest innovation. It includes a retractable mike, incredibly clear sound, and a 300-ft range with Bluetooth devices.

First of all, the Whisper’s sound quality is excellent, which is critical during important meetings. Background noise was completely cancelled—even when I was outside in the wind, my colleagues couldn’t tell. It was simple to set up and use, and the battery life lasts a long time. I also really like that it comes with its own little case—makes it much harder to lose in my travel purse. Finally, it folds up very compactly and when it’s on it’s so lightweight that I barely noticed it. It comes with several sizes of earpiece, which was helpful although I had to try several before I found the right size. It is priced at $149.99, and is worth every penny.

The great folks at Motorola are giving away a Whisper headset to one lucky reader. Woohoo! In order to enter, please leave a comment answering the following question: What is your best multi-tasking tip for business travel? A winner will be chosen at random from all of the entries on Tuesday, October 15. As always, only one entry per person.

Good luck!


  1. While on work travel in the airport waiting for you departure flight use the wifi to check this blog and work emails.

  2. I normally have 3-4 electronic devices with me, and I always appear to be running out of juice on all of them at the same time. I always bring with me a power strip with multiple outlets.

  3. Take your laptop on a long-haul flight and write the whole paper while on the plane!

  4. I’d be lost without my Belkin multi plug. 4 sockets and 2 USB ports give me, and anyone else who needs power, at the airport.

  5. I use Tripit to keep track of all my reservations, points, and expenses so they are all in one place. Also always carry a Zagg charger (any brand will do) to keep my phone and ipad charged so they are always ready to go outside of my hotel or office.

  6. Carry a portable charger for cell phone and tablet devices. Great for the plane or airports with hard-to-find power outlets.

  7. Avoid wasting valuable time by bringing at least one work assignment (e.g., news articles or market research) in a paper form so that you can still be productive in that period between when the airplane door closes and when you can turn on electronic devices.

  8. When traveling on long flights that don’t have wifi — cue up work on my laptop that don’t require an internet connection.

  9. Eat at airport locations with power strips at the bar. Able to recharge at least one device before departure while also catching up email.

  10. Always use a bluetooth headset. And mute the phone when you’re not talking. The others on the conference call will appreciate it.

  11. Always have a conference call scheduled where you jsut need to listen to the call. Then you can get meeting time credit but not really be paying attention as you make your way to the gate.

  12. I always bring a copy of an industry magazine or two. That way, if I’m unable or not in the mood to do actual work, at least I’m taking a quasi break but still being productive.

  13. Always have a list handy of tasks I can work on while waiting for flights/delays. That way I can get right to working on a ‘backlog’ project instead of thinking of what to do. And yes – charge all devices every chance you get!

  14. When I am traveling for work, I often do skype or FaceTime with friends and family while I’m am walking between terminals or in the lounge. I get to use that time and they some time get see the airports.

  15. Along with a mini power strip, always have an octopus cable chargers and an extra portable battery pack. A hands-free experience, such as having a handy wireless headset is a must for multitasking. If you get an office for yourself in a lounge, you can also try the Nuance software to speed things up as it can type things while you dictate into your wireless headset.

  16. Always bring a notebook and pen. I get some of my best thinking done on planes, and being able to physically jot down notes keeps the thoughts flowing.

  17. Ok let’s face it. Much as I loved my work, a few years out of college I had the epiphany that stressing over ‘optimizing’ that flight time isn’t likely to be that productive – yet highly unpleasant. So now, I use it to catch up on my personal life. E.g. Go ahead and whip out your mini/compact and write that long, expressive real letter (it can still be lined up to send via email!) to your thoughtful sister – while sipping away at any number of nutritious, deliciously hydrating drinks; and, taking breaths to actually sit back and gaze outside to enjoy the relaxing clouds.

    Work may force me to travel – but I’m not going to let it make me hate it eventually. Balance is key – don’t let the productivity farce (slave reminisces anyone?) derail you from the real you. And don’t let those gadgets rule you either under such pretexts/pretenses – make them mold *your* mission. You’re the boss and you have a spirit, mind and heart – live it all up!

    I now arrive so calm and refreshed sometimes it’s like I didn’t even go through the oft-increasingly tedious security experiences. And I still feel great about all those feelings in that letter – thoroughly rewarding 🙂

  18. Bluetooth headsets make you look cool/professional while allowing you to multitask (pulling the trigger on a hostile takeover while ordering a latte at SBucks, for example).

  19. only buy electronic devices thst have easily swapped out batteries, and carry fully charged spares.

  20. If your flight is delayed/cancelled, put on that Motorola Whisper headset, call the Airline from your smartphone while you attempt to re-book using an app while standing in line so that you can get to your meeting/family on time.

  21. Make sure critical files are downloaded to the desktop before leaving for the airport; eliminates one more device sticking out of one’s laptop (and speeds things up a little bit).

  22. I load up my ipad with newspapers and magazines so when there is no Wifi I still have something to read while waiting.

  23. Load up your tablet with a good office suite and although you can’t really make full documents, they are great for typing content on the go.

    Also, they are excellent for checking messages and responding.

  24. Always bring a good set of noise canceling headphones. I always work better with music in the background to block out the passenger I would rather not listen to for a few hours.

  25. I always travel with a portable battery pack that can charge to devices. Nothing worse than trying to be productive with dying iPhones, iPads.

  26. My latest gadget Samsung Note, the pen comes in so handy in a lot of situations, if you never had one should give it a try.

  27. Complete customs forms while waiting in immigration queue.. It’s the most boring part of the trip anyways.

  28. I’ve never seen a better replacement for paper. I print out work material that I need to go over during the flight. Opening up a laptop/tablet just feels inconvenient.

    Also, my power brick makes sure I get all the juice i need for my different gadgets while flying

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