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A couple of weeks ago, Hyatt launched what they’re calling “The World’s Largest Focus Group”. It was basically a series of Twitter chats with the Hyatt infographicgoal of finding out what business travelers really think. While I wasn’t able to participate (darn job!) over 1,000 people responded to the chats with over 9,000 tweets, giving Hyatt plenty of insight. Here is an infographic (yay!) they put together with the results, and I have highlighted some of my favorites.

  • More business than leisure travelers experience stress—I don’t think this will surprise anyone. The top three stressors are getting less sleep, missing family and friends, and having to navigate new things. I agree with those, and would add flight delays as one of my biggest stressors.
  • Respondents said one thing that would make their trips less stressful is to be able to skip check in and go right to their room. I think that’s a great idea!! Is that possible?
  • I think this statistic is very interesting, as well as indicative of the division of labor between spouses: 2/3 of men think a supportive partner is critical to successful business trips, while 2/3 women find planning ahead and organization are critical. Hmmmmm.

Readers, do you agree with the results? What is the biggest stressor for you while traveling?


  1. Bypassing check in at a hotel is TOTALLY doable. Imagine if the text you the check in code and you punched it in as a room key. OR, better yet, use the square graphic and scan it at the door. They already have your info as a frequent traveler.

  2. I don’t need to by pass check in so much as I would LOVE to by pass check in chit chat. Just hand me the room key. Marriott just implemented mobile check in (at some hotels), and they just hand you the key instead of asking you for the credit card. A nice improvement. I think what many of these companies forget is to think about the frequent travelers time – we just don’t want to waste time on the usual processes that others need. I don’t need to be greeted, tell you where I’m from, tell you I just flew in, tell you I had a great day. Just. Give. Me. The. Key.

  3. Have to agree with the stats. Supportive partner is key, especially with kids. And delays are the greatest stressors.

    As for hotel check-in, I’ve never had a problem with the Hilton chain, although I do give off a “please f-off” vibe after a long day of travel.

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