My Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping list

Black Friday is almost here! There are so many ads and deals coming out that it’s pretty overwhelming. I have never been one of those up at the crack of dawn Black Friday shoppers. However, this year the Home Warrior and I are in the market for some pretty specific items, and the best deals often are either only available early or sell out. From what I’ve read, the best advice is to plan your list, scour the ads, and go for it. So that’s what I’m doing. A super helpful site has been, which has a listing of hundreds of Black Friday ads.

Here are some of the things I’m looking for, with the best price I’ve found so far.

ipad airApple iPad Air. We’ve been using our first generation iPad for years now, but it’s time to retire the old girl. There aren’t that many deals on the iPad Air that I’ve found. Target is discounting them slightly, and if you buy one you get a $100 Target gift card. Sounds like a winner to me. (Here is the ad showing that deal.)

Note: Best Buy is currently giving a minimum $100 gift card for iPad trade ins, so we are planning to trade the old one in there (thru 11-23). Target’s trade in is $65.

Pocket projector. My husband really wants one of these for Christmas, but I also think it would be very helpful for business travelers. The AAXA P4 is very highly rated, and the best price I found is on Wal-Mart: $260.67.

Ceramic/stainless travel coffee mug. Another thing I am hoping to buy for the Home Warrior. What he wants is something that is ceramic on the inside (for taste) and metal on the outside (to keep the heat), plus a leak-proof lid (we have a toddler). The only one I’ve found that has good reviews is this one by Starbucks. According to the reviews it’s available at Starbucks for half the price, so I’ll definitely be on the lookout there.

Washer and dryer. (Obviously this one is not travel related. I’ve just been spending so much time researching I wanted to share!) We are replacing our washer and dryer, and Consumer Reports recommends this LG model as a Best Buy. It’s the same price ($599, down from $899, each for the washer and dryer) at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Best Buy. At Lowe’s you get 5% back if you use their credit card, but we will probably buy from Best Buy to get the 5% rewards certificates there.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones. These are smaller than traditional noise canceling headphones but work just as well. Awesome! Unfortunately I’m not finding any advance notice of specials on these. Will likely hold off.

Readers, what are you shopping for on Black Friday? Have you found any better prices on these items? Anyone have a suggestion for a better ceramic/stainless travel mug?



  1. Keep shopping portals in mind, especially on the washer dryer. Also, Frequent miler recently reported 20% off on printed gift cards on Black Friday. That coupled with some portal cash back / miles can turn into significant savings.

  2. Don’t forget to get what you can through a portal. Especially the big-ticket items at BB, HD and Lowes.

    And most Amex cards currently have a $20 statement credit (registration reqd) for $79+ purchase at Even getting a $79 gift card (free delivery) qualifies if you’d rather shop in-store.

  3. Also on the appliances, watch the assorted fees for delivery, pick up and installation. Had a dryer replaced last year and those 3 items ranged from free to $150 in additional costs depending on the specific store.

  4. I would go ahead and purchase the Bose headphones from Sharper Image with a synced AMEX through the TopCashback portal (12% cashback). You can also purchase a $50 gift code through LivingSocial for $25 through ebates portal. I brought my price for the Ipod headphones ,including 10.95 for shipping, down to around 200 from 299.95.

  5. Dont wait for Black Friday for Bose! I posted this somewhere else. Deal may not be as good as there was a 20% off livingsocial good only yesterday, but still good!

    Shop Sharper Image through (12%). Use codes Welcome10 or AFF30 (10% or $30 off $250). Pay with AMEX sync off $25 statement credit after $125 spend. Get $50 livingsocial voucher for Sharper Image ($25 for $50).

    Net cost $300+11 (shipping)+$25 for livingsocial certificate = $336. $336-$30(AFF10)-$50 LS =$256.

    Await 12% (Approx $36 from topcashback), $25 (AMEX), $10 (also TCB…you can use referral bonus by setting up spouse’s account and referring to you). Add 100 UR points (buy LS via Chase Ink…or 3-4% via topcashback) and 250 Starwood points (pay with SPG AMEX). If all goes through, and lets say 100UR and 230 Starwood approx $6 value…

    Total cost for ear buds is about $190! $180 if you got a referral bonus using TCB referral!


  6. Starting November 24, Staples will offer the Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi Tablet in Space Gray or Silver, model no. MD785LL/A, for $449.

  7. Saw @ Staples the Audio-Technica noise canceling headphones similar to Bose QuietComfort Headphones on clearance in store only for $28.00. I used it on a long flight to Paris and it works as good as Bose.

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