Review: Genius Pack High Altitude Flight Bag and Portable Mobile Charger

A company called Genius Pack has come out with an interesting concept for travel bags: a labeled place for everything, plus built in extras that make trips much easier. They sent me their High Altitude Flight Bag and Portable Mobile Charger to test, and here are my thoughts.

Since a few unfortunate incidents with my phone running out of juice at inopportune times, I have been on the Genius pack chargerlookout for a mobile charger. The Genius Pack Portable Mobile Charger does everything you need it to—it charges up quickly, has a long battery life, and can charge your devices quickly. It is a little smaller than my iPhone, so while it’s bigger than a lipstick, it’s certainly not cumbersome to keep in my bag. The only thing that I noticed was that while charging my phone in my purse the charger got very warm. In addition to being a solid all-around charger for phones and tablets, the Portable Mobile Charger is designed to fit securely into specialized pockets in Genius Pack bags—a great bonus.

I tried a seat organizer once, on my first trip to Manila. It was bulky, the straps were too long, and it barely fit into my carry-on, much less comfortably onto the seatback tray. So to say I was skeptical of the High Altitude Flight Bag was an understatement. The first thing I noticed when I pulled it out of the bag was how compact it is. And I mean that in a good way! There is just not a lot of room for extra stuff between you and the seat in front of you, so smaller is better. Yet the pockets are laid out so well that it holds a ton of stuff. There are specific places for your Genius packcharger, phone, tablet, headphones, passport, business cards, and pens. If you take a minute to stock it before you get on board you will have all you need for a long flight at your fingertips. Also, I was intrigued by the labeling. It is extremely helpful to have a labeled spot for everything! You immediately saw when something was missing. When mealtime came around, I was a little worried about what would happen when I folded the seatback tray down. I could feel the bag against my lap, but it wasn’t bothersome. I did have one issue whenever food was served—because the straps go around the seatback tray, I had to be very cautious about where to put my food tray. I also had to make sure I looked where I put my drinks, instead of just blindly setting them down with my nose buried in a book. This bag will definitely not replace your purse or briefcase, and is not really necessary for shorter flights. But for an overseas flight (say, from Tokyo to LA) it was incredibly helpful. My only recommendation for the next round of bags is that they also include a spot for a lip balm in that front space. I liked the High Altitude bag so much that I am highly considering the Genius Pack 22” rollaboard, which includes a labeled spot for everything, laundry compression, a speaker, an umbrella, and a packing list.

High Altitude Flight Bag ($78)

  • Compact, not intrusive into your space
  • Labeled place for everything
  • Not a personal item replacement
  • Be careful during mealtimes

Portable Mobile Charger ($38)

  • Long battery life
  • Quickly charges mobile devices
  • Gets warm while charging devices

I was very impressed with the attention to detail of the Genius Pack products, and highly recommend the High Altitude Flight Bag and Mobile Charger. Also, everything on their website is on sale right now, with discounts of up to 30%.


  1. For whatever reason my genius pack mobile charger does NOT charge my Iphone 4S. I plug it in and the charge icon comes on the phone, but it doesn’t get any juice. I have turned the phone completely off and plugged the Genius pack charger into it and I turned it back on to find the phone had less charge than when I left it.

  2. Thank you for your review of the bag. I’m not 100% sold on it, but I like the concept.

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