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knitting bookLast spring I posted about having a hard time figuring out knitting projects that were small enough to take on a plane, and that were not hats. I got a lot of great suggestions from readers, with socks and small toys topping the list. Unfortunately, due to being busy and just tired, I didn’t knit for close to six months. Once I got back in the swing of things it was hat season again, and the project decisions became easy. My mother-in-law, a fellow knitter, has tried to help me come up with smaller projects, and for Christmas got me a fantastic gift: a book called 30-Min Knits: What Can You Knit in Half an Hour or Less? This book focuses on projects that can be knitted in half an hour or less, not counting finishing time, often using yarn from your stash. Of course there are plenty of baby things and toys, but there are also decorations, household items, and accessories for adults. Over the weekend I made the earwarmer, which (while still needs to be finished) took only about 45 minutes and has turned out super cute.

By nature, projects that take a short amount of time are going to be smaller, which of course makes them great for travel! The next project I plan to undertake is the adorable string of birds for my niece’s birthday. Not only will it be fun to knit something so cute, it also feels very frugal to use up those tiny balls of leftover yarn from my stash.

For other types of crafting, I found 30-Minute Crochet and 2-Hour Cross-Stitch.

Readers, what projects are you working on right now?

(If you’re curious about what the rules are for taking knitting through airport security, check out this post.)

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  1. I always bring a sock project. Small, and doesn’t need anything other than the project itself (just the active yarn, plus needles).

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