The battle of the slush

I have traveled to places that were raining. I have traveled to places that were snowing. I have traveled (unfortunately) to places that were icy, and places that were really hot. But this trip I’m on is the first one I’ve ever had where I was walking around… Sorrellsslush.

Yesterday while walking to a cab I took a step off the curb, and landed in a puddle of slush that came up to mid-calf. While my shoes (Ugg-like boots) have held up through all the other snowy weather I’ve dealt with—but they were no match for slush. Luckily, I had work shoes in my bag so I changed once I arrived at the office. Going to work today will be miserable, though, since I know my darn boots are still damp.

My sister, who has lived in Chicago and New York for almost a decade, said that part of my problem is that I’m not experienced Hunter bootsenough to know where to step. I would say that’s definitely true. When I was crossing the street I went the way I always do—from curb to curb. But other people were staying actually in the street, where there was less slush and more solid snow.

To test this, last night as we walked to dinner I stepped exactly where my sister did. For most of the night it went really well. No slush puddles or slipping! Then when we were walking up to the apartment I totally bit it, right on the snow. I slipped, falling forward onto my hands and knees. Luckily there was only one person near us who saw. I didn’t injure myself, but my ego did take a little hit.

I am definitely investing in some real, actual snow boots for my next trip up north. My sister has Sorrell boots, but she also said that rainboots would work well against the slush puddles. Fine by me, as long as they have a good grip so I don’t fall!

Readers, do you ever travel to snowy places? What do you wear to protect against falling and slush puddles?


  1. Definitely rain boots! Those knee high Hunters are perfect but make sure to buy the fleece insert if you’re wearing them in the snow.

  2. I have both! I lived in Chicago, and prior to moving there I bought Sorrels. They’re great for snow, but to be honest they don’t have as much traction as I would have hoped, they’re also inflexible by the ankle so you can’t wear them all day, better for short trips to the store for provisions.

    I also have Hunters, these are better for day to day, less snowy terrain. Do I need both? Probably not, so if you only pick one, I’d go hunters because they can be coldwear or warmer wear in say spring/summer.

  3. I have those exact Sorrels that you picture above – they’re great. Stylish and warm (and it’s been -20F here in MN this winter!).

  4. When I moved to Oslo, the Sorrel Caribou was one of the first things I bought. They’ve held me warm and dry through January. A bit heavy to walk with in the beginning, and definitely not very stylish, but once I got used to them they’ve been invaluable.

  5. If you don’t live in the frozen north like I do (or even if you do), Bog’s boots are the PERFECT balance. Warmer than Hunter (and cheaper, although still not cheap) and not as warm as Sorel’s, which are probably overkill for those who live further south. These are pretty much perfect:

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