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As you may have realized by now, I am a huge fan of eBooks for a number of reasons. They make packing much easier, can Kindle paperwhiteentertain you for hours, reduce paper use, and save space in my house. Win! I am on my third (and favorite) Kindle, and have spent quite a bit on Kindle books in the past. There has been controversy in the past over the eBook prices set by publishers; sometimes they are as high (or higher) than the print copy. That seems a little ridiculous, because the publishers are saving a ton of money by not creating, printing, binding, and shipping a physical copy.

Evidently others agree, and there has been a lawsuit against some of the publishing houses. Today, I received an email from Amazon stating that as part of a settlement, I am getting a (small) portion of money spent on eBooks back. It can only be spent on books of some sort, either electronic or print, and the credit will automatically be applied to any purchases. (Other booksellers are also giving a settlement, and here is the Attorney General’s page about the lawsuit and settlement.) Woohoo! Let’s buy some books.

One important thing: my payment credit card had expired, and was required to put in a new card before my order could go through. It turns out that the credit will pay for your purchase, but not the associated tax. So my credit card was charged $.25 in tax for my $2.99 purchase. (It looks like shipping is also not covered.) Whatever, I’ll take it.

Initially I thought everyone who purchased an eBook from Amazon got the same amount, but since I got $40 and my sister got $3, I’m assuming it’s based on past purchases. I am excited to buy some books! I want to get James Rollins’ latest, as well as Love and Logic (sigh. I need help with toddler tantrums).

Anyone else get money back? What books are you planning to purchase?

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  1. I got around $10. That will get several books. I don’t remember buying that many ebooks at the time covered by the settlement. Oh well I will take $10 credit.

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