Two-month business trip: electronics and points

Last week I wrote the first post for my cousin who is going on a two-month business trip. Quick recap: he will be in the same travel speakerlocation, at an extended-stay hotel. The first post was about packing, this time I’ll focus on electronics and points.


There are certain electronics that every person needs, especially on a business trip. Then there are a few that aren’t necessities, but make everything so much easier.

  • E-reader. This is one of those that makes things easier. There is no way one could bring enough books and magazines for two months’ worth of entertainment; it’s just not possible! I highly recommend a Kindle or the like, which can hold something like 1500 books at a time. (Another option is to join the public library at your destination.)
  • Cords. While it’s very important to make sure you have all of the cords you need,  see if it’s possible for a cord to do double duty. For example, you can charge an iPad and iPhone with the same charger, and plenty of devices with a mini-USB cord.
  • Surge protector. This is a big one. You won’t know what the plug situation will be like at the hotel until you get there, so bring a travel surge protector just in case. The best kind also have USB plugs so you can charge several devices at once.
  • Speakers/headphones. Another “nice to have” vs. critical item. My cousin is really into music (as am I) so for a trip that long a small a travel speaker would make his stay much more enjoyable (pictured).

Note: Before you go, check with the hotel to find out the wireless situation. Do they have free wireless internet? Is it wired only? Or is there a limit to the devices you can connect? If so, consider bringing a wireless router.


With a business trip this long, it would be silly to not take advantage of all the points you can.

  • Sign up for the loyalty program. If you haven’t signed up for a loyalty program, this is definitely the time to do it! A two month stay will certainly get you status—with Marriott Rewards, you would get Gold and pretty close to Diamond.
  • Get a points credit card! With this much spend, you would be very likely to meet the minimum in order to get a bonus. Mommy Points has a good roundup of rewards points and offers right now. I have the Chase Southwest card and love it.
  • Redemption. There are plenty of ways to spend reward points, but when you’re on a long trip like this loneliness can definitely set in. Use some of those points to bring a friend or family member to see you!

Readers, any other electronics you would recommend for a trip this long?

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