A headband with earphones? Sign me up!

I have long recommended noise canceling headphones on long plane rides. While they are great for watching movies or listening to slepphonesmusic, I also use them with my white noise app for sleeping. Due to the bulk, they’re just not that comfortable to use while lying down. I have also tried using earbuds, but after a while they start hurting my ears.

While perusing through my TravelSmith catalog, I came across these SleepPhones. They are basically a headband with speakers built in, and in theory they will fit comfortably around your head so you can listen to music or white noise while you sleep. It sounds like they would be perfect for trying to sleep on a plane. I will be ordering a pair and will let you all know how they work out. They are available at TravelSmith for $39 and Amazon for $31.

Anyone own a set and have a review?

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  1. I almost bought a pair of these last month before long flights to Turkey and Russia. But reviews on Amazon were mixed, and I decided not to buy them because they were kind of pricey for something with such mixed reviews. If you buy them, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. My daughter gave me SleepPhones for when I travel. Previously I used earphones when I slept but they became very uncomfortable after awhile, especially while lying down. While the SleepPhones may not shut out all the noise like my earphones, they do a great job and are much more comfortable. Slept through the night the first time I used them, and every time since. In my opinion, they are well made and do a wonderful job. I use them every time I travel.

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