Business travel news roundup

Here are the stories that caught my eye in the last week or so….

It surprises me that there were more bags lots but fewer complaints.  Airlines Got Fewer Complaints But Bungled More Bags, from NBC News. (They also tell you what the world’s best airport is!)

Does your airline owe you money? USA Today tells you how to find out.

I totally agree with this list. The 7 worst seatmates ever from Fox News.

I love riding trains, but don’t get to very often. Train or plane. Which is better?  via USA Today.

While I love the idea of being more productive on overseas flights, I am sad to see my excuse for watching movie after movie start to fade…. Delta debuts overseas Wi-Fi on 747s. via USA Today.

Corporette has suggestions for pants to wear when you’re out of town and working late. They look like great pants for international trips to me!

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