Beauty Monday: Tinted moisturizer

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Toiletries can be some of the hardest items to pack for a new frequent traveler. You’ve spent years building up your beauty routine—how can you possibly be asked to squish into a couple small bags? That’s where multi-taskers come in. Anything that helps you bring fewer items is good in my book!

For people who don’t need heavy coverage, tinted moisturizer can be a godsend. It will hydrate, even out your skin tone, and provide minimal coverage without weight. Almost all of them also have SPF so you’re protected from the sun’s more harmful rays. That’s basically three products in one! I have used the Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisture for years, and love how it feels so light and smells great. There are also lower priced options (like this one from Cover Girl) and organic options (like this one from Physicians Formula). Tip: While each of these is small enough to put in your liquids bag to carry-on, you could also squeeze a small amount into a contact lens case to save space.

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  1. I used the cover girl BB cream for a while and I found that it didn’t Moisturize enough not did it cover enough and I was using a second foundation for more coverage (Bare Minerals) so then I stopped and tried a new brand called Botanicals by Boots (?) they had a “calming” line that helped my redness without breaking the bank and it came in a 3oz container. It doesn’t have a tint just pure moisturizing but since I use the Bare Minerals that is a non liquid anyway I switched and my skin is happier for it. I travel a lot to southern climates for work but live near Chicago which is brutally dry in the winter. A good moisturizer with SPF is key and my skin is to sensitive to keep switching back and forth. I can’t wait to see what other products you review. Great Topic!

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