Packing extras for spring time travel

You probably know I’m not one to advocate arbitrarily adding stuff to your packing list. But man, the weather is so nice out right now! Spending just a little bit of time outside gives your mind a break and will make your business trip feel more like a vacation. One or two (small) items could make the difference.  So the next time you have to hit the road, consider taking something extra along.

spring packing extras

To work outside, bring an anti-glare notebook screen and sunglasses. Maybe add some bug spray too, just in case.

Hit the hotel pool with your swimsuit and sunscreen. Also bring an extra plastic bag for your wet suit. If relaxing while dry is more your speed, bring an eReader and read a few chapters poolside.

While workout clothes and shoes aren’t necessarily space-saving, it will do you good to get some outdoor activity. Maybe even bring your travel yoga mat and do some poses in a grassy area. And don’t forget your water bottle!

On a less fun note, bring an umbrella and use The Weather Channel app to send alerts to you about crazy weather. Allergy medicine probably wouldn’t hurt either.


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